Friday, April 11

When IIT Chennai Rocked...

Never ever I’d thought in my life that I’ll be able to make it to one of the most prestigious institutes of our country where all the techno freaks pileup and stay there for 4 years brainstorming new ideas. Yea, am talking about none other than Indian Institute of Technology, popularly known as IIT. It’s not that I got admission there coz very soon I realized after the exam crash the technical void within me to play on logics and prove concepts so I finally left it on to others to fiddle with technology and me enjoying the happy consequences of the advancement in it.
My employer deployed me in Chennai for 2 years where i got a chance to visit IIT and know about it. Making new friends and contacts was always an easy job for me. The campus was more of a vintage place from the past but gave a feel of a new world every time you step inside the premises. It’s been made out by shaving the jungle during the British raj and developed a learning institute in its place. My friend invited me to a farewell party thrown by first yr. guys for the final yr. Students. It was more of a rock night then a farewell with all J&S (juniors and seniors) playing electric guitars, drums, flute and piano. The flickering lights from the stage spilled the enigma of rock in air. The vibes were omnipresent in the hall. Once the party house rocked inn, the animals were out and took to head banging, going nerd and thrashing all that they could lay their hands-on. It would give an absurd feel to a peace over. There was screaming all round the hall which had almost put the lead vocals on the back runner. Professional band udaan was invited to play few numbers. The so-called management freaks played songs from audio-slave, the Coldplay, Dream Theater and many more. Everybody went numb in the dark night. They were playing as if they won’t stop tell the next dawn. After the bash, I had dinner with my friends there and they asked me to stop for the last number to be played, which was none other than the balatkaari song, which worked as the Chocó cream on the cake. With such a heavy music set in, the syndrome of being musically affected was all over. The fumes were rising from the head and the heart and each soul present was urging the professionals to play one more record to make it rest in peace forever. Well, I must say this was one farewell or call it a student in-house concert night which I’ll remember for a long time. This IIT jail’s farewell party really rocked that night.

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