Friday, April 11


It was always a dream to be in Mumbai once, the economic hub of the country, the land from where RBI or stock market operates and controls the economy of the entire nation. Delhi was no doubt the political hub but the feel of being in Mumbai - the place from where the vibes of film industry permeates in all parts of the world, was always in high spirits. It was for my tiss interview that I landed to such a beautiful place from Chennai. The pleasant weather added more to its beauty. It was Pune always before Mumbai where I found people so helpful and supportive. Although I didn’t have much of a chance to explore the place but the experience of being there was out of this world. I guess majority of the population in Mumbai is in 25-35 age line. The lively crowd all around, their helpful nature and openness in their mentality with zero parochial-ness just gave a tunned and enticing impression to an outsider to settle here in this part of country for the rest of their lives. the westernised culture sends flickers about the new booming India. women are free to move around without any place or time bounds. Santa Cruz, bandra, chembur, deonar; you name it; there’s no place where you won’t find this so energetic and vibrant crowd. The shops are overloaded with cool stuff and upon that people just happen to suffuse the markets. The entire scene looked like Delhi’s chandni chownk. How can I not mention about the food of Mumbai, no matter what you consume, you’ll always find the touch of sugar in everything they cook giving a sweet taste to the palate. People address all the rich Mumbai-tes as motabhai there. Last time, I heard this word was in the movie ‘guru’. I would love to come back to this place and that too not for a return trip but for a final settlement. I can only pray for this place to be my home in future and keep prospering in the same way as it’s happening presently. A great place and my stay there for 3 days will always be an unforgettable one.

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  1. Hey dude!..

    No worries, u will go back to mumbai for only one reason, i.e to settle there for good..!!!..Hope ur interview went well..
    Good luck mate!


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