Saturday, March 1

Twin Tale!!!!

No matter whether it was with respect to the attendance in the school/college or planning to meet each else's girl friend's, we identical twins celebrated every joyous moment, abetting each other, in each else's life. Mom tells us, people from far off will come to have a look during our perambulatory days and thought it was just next to a miracle happened with them. The maternal and paternal links would ask unending funnier (funnier more on an inquisitive and surprised note then ridicule) questions whether if one feel the pain when the other gets hurt or vice-versa (as it happens in moviez) and how do you distinguish between the two (well, parents know about their kids). As we touched the 2 year mark, we were separated and later reunited after a period of 5 years. During these long five years, none of us remembered about our duplicate's existence. I was with my grandparents in some other state. There were no word from each of us but after we turned 7, we were in total shock, amazed, bewildered and were surprised to see each one's clone as if god has kept a mirror in front of us or has he sprinkled colors on another human being's face to turn him the way each one of us appeared. We got together very well later and were filled with the positive vibe of being unique, somehow, in this world. There was one more interesting observation about us, there was something uniquely common in between us, not the regular fact of one getting hurt and other feeling pain, but the possibility of both falling ill almost at the same time irrespective of the distances between us. This again gave a kick feeling (on a negative note) to both of us for being special. If my twin sibling went down with some ailment then next was my turn to join him on the same ailment and at same time too. But all in all, those were happier times when we were together. During school, we used to play on our teachers for the attendance stuff. Sometimes, our teachers at tuition even freaked-out seeing both of us so similar and replicas of each other. One of the alumni never came to know who actually attended the lectures and who bunked and how come the attendance was covered for both of us. Our school dress, was supposed to be of different colors intentionally to distinguish between us. During college, our mentors use to take our names simultaneously so that anyone of us can come and take the task. We used to share the same desk even in school. It was fun to be twins. We had everything in common, the face, the nature except the brain and girl friends. Don ask how they used to identify us, but, it was not much of a problem. My twin is more intelligent but i am smarter to him. Today, we enjoy our lives working in different firms and enjoy the memorable past that we had and giggle on stuff we did together as twins when we think about them. I pray god that we never lose this charm till eternity.


  1. cheez!!!
    That must be fun!!!
    I've always wondered how well, the "Weasley" twins from Harry Potter compliment each other and play pranks on others!!..

    But, having to see u do the same kinda stuff with ur twin bro, is amazing!!..Keep rocking!!..And the things about falling sick the same time is kinda freaky though!!!But atleast u hav a company durng those times!..lolzz

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  3. Well, that was pretty cool..Enjoyed it till the very last word..
    Yes, i must admit that it is shocking though but true that falling sick/catching an ailment almost at the same time was as certain as the life is!!! We've had great time in the past & I hope that it continues forever in the future...God bless You (i automatically feel blessed :-))


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