Tuesday, March 18

हम तब होली मनाते है

हम तब होली मनाते है,
जब फूलों के रंग और अधिक खिले खिले नज़र आते है,
आस्मा में काले बादल , नया रूप ले कर आते है,
मन के सारे भेद मिटाकर, प्यार के रंग में रंग जाते है,
आपसी दूरियां जब कम हो जाए,
होली के गीत गाते है,
हम तब होली मानते है.
जब बूढे रंगों से तिलक लगाते है,
और बच्चे पिचकारी से लोगों पर रंग बरसाते है,
सावन झूम जाता है जब,
प्रेमी प्रेमिका रंगों से अपना प्यार दिखलाते है,
और मिल जाए दिल जब,
हम तब होली मनाते है.
रंग जब पानी में मिल जाए तो एक नया इन्द्रधनुष दिखलाते है,
लाल, पीला, नीला, हरा सभी रंग एक पर्व पर आते है,
हम तब होली मनाते है.
हर साल, झूम झूम कर आते है यह त्यौहार,
यही बात बतलाता है कि,
दुश्मनी को भूल जाओ, प्यार के गीत गाओ,
और बिखेर दो रंगों को अपनी ज़िंदगी में.
तभी इस पर्व का अर्थ सामने आता है,
इसलिए आज यह कवि आपके साथ, होली का त्यौहार मनाता है.

Thursday, March 13

Cogito Ergo Sum

The first quarter of 2008 will end in a month from now. I stand apart from everything, bewildered, confused and happy on a sad note the way life has turned out for me since the start of New Year. Many things that I cherished and felt happy about have almost vanished and many others which I never dreamt-off in the rarest of my thoughts have suddenly sprouted in the drought stricken mortal machine head. I won’t call it a roller coaster experience as the change was not something for which I should feel good about but was more of a stress buster from the usual, more precisely predictable routine I followed till 2007.
Right before the dawn of new year was about to set in, the tag of being single hung around my neck again and before I could come out of it, the new year presented me with not so fortunate mails of not making into any of the management colleges. Well, past it’s been and turned out more of a junk but I’ve revived myself for a better piece of junk in this new January. I started writing blogs wherein I thought of sharing my feelings to all the anonymous souls out there, because of two reasons, first, the ones in relations are meant to ditch you at some point of time and secondly needed a new someone who can better understand the feelings of a frustrated soul. So now I write and keep blogging irrespective of anyone’s interest in reading my articles. Reading was there from childhood but took on to more of nonfiction stuff this year. And in music too, there was more of a heavy metal buff becoming a part of the songs library, I started listening Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Jimi Hendrix, john Meyer and many more. And above that all, I arranged for a time-slot in my daily schedule to go to Gym. Daily workout for two hours made me explore more of myself, I even moved onto a controlled diet and daily running. Let’s see how long it continues. Anyways, besides all this, soon I realized how I am making a fool of myself by sitting for too long in front of the idiot box wasting energy and time so I switched to a better option of interacting with another one, I mean, the computer. I wonder sometimes, what happens when two idiots interact? So, the pen was gradually replaced by the keyboard. I decided to re-learn French, which was a long uncherished dream of my alma mater to make every student compatible to at least one foreign lingua other than English. Daily, I give French tuitions to myself. (Very soon will be hitting with a new blog on how to learn French at home). Besides, all this I decided to move to different places and explore the beauty, the nature, god has created. I went to places like Pondicherry, Munnar, Kodaikannal, Ooty etc.
The frustration built within was going away with the dusk of 2007 so I took onto more and more creative stuff (creative for me might not be creative for the reader). But, Now, I feel more relaxed and comfortable in my own world. How can I forgot my friend’s wise advice because of which I started worshipping god (thanks Anshul), irrespective of the demented life I had in past years. This definitely added to my smile. Know what, the best feeling you get is only when you help someone poor, when you empathize with someone, I decided to help all those needy who came for any help to me. One should feel very lucky that god has chosen him/her to help the unprivileged souls. I even joined a foundation that helps poor by lending service and time out of their busy lives for god’s children.
Well, I must have got into many tasks all at one time, but am surely enjoying this new life in a new year and with new things around me yet unexplored. I feel now I am what I am and will remain like this forever.

Sunday, March 9

Saabudaane Ki Khichadi

Date: 6 March 2008

Venue: G2 arunagiri towers, chennai

Time: 20:00 hours

Mission: sabudaane ki khichadi

Motive: Maha shiv ratri’s fast. One is suppose to have nothing on this day except fruits, juice and milk. Although 1 time’s meal is allowed.

In charge: Sanket Rajawat (my room partner)

*For all those bachelors, who stay away from home and want to have a hands-on-experience on how khichadi is made, just note down the recipe that i’ll be publishing in this post.

The day was almost coming to an end. With the dusk setting in, me and my room mate sanket were counting hours in the reverse direction for midnight to fall. It was the day when we celebrate MahaShivRatri by keeping the fast to worship our deity. Although it’s been a routine experience for sanket to keep the fast every year but i was making my debut on this day. The not-so-long exile of being away from food gave a shrill to my spine and the idea of it, one night before the D-day, freaked me out. But my roomy supported me in keeping it. He promised me a fantastic meal in the evening if i pass this exam of abstaining myself for the whole day, Keeping in mind that a meal was included and was not meant to beak the fast in any way. The name of the meal was sabudaane ki khichadi, which reminded me of a programme aired on some channel named , “instant khichadi”. I immedietley prompted and asked, will it be instant one or not???????. He had a firm reply with a smile that you need to wait for some time if you want to enjoy the pleasure of the meal. I had no idea how this thing was made and how much time will it take as i was hearing this name for the very first time.

He asked me to fetch some stuff from the market to make this recipe and i accordingly followed his orders. the ingredients included 6-8 potatoes (normal size), saabudaana(javarsi in tamil—i was in chennai during this incident and marketing here was more in tamil then in hindi) half kg, some jeera, refined oil, peanuts, black/white salt, sugar and red chillies. We were all set to prepare the khichadi with our naive but exciting jugalbandi combo. Firstly, he asked me to boil the potatoes in a cooker for 15-20 mins till the time they were soft and put the entire saabudaana in a big bowl containing water so that the white bed of saabudaana gets completely soaked in water (this was supposed to be done for an hour and the idea of waiting for another 1 hour left me almost dying). he got a big kadaai(a semi spherical pan ) on the flame and poured some oil in it. Added some jeera to it to check whether the oil was hot or not. Then the boiled, crushed potatoes were added to it and heated for sometime. He asked me to add some white salt and red chilly powder meanwhile to it followed by continuous mixing. For me the color had already started to come in the dish and i was ready to attack the on to the kadai. But he asked me to wait for sometime because it was still without saabudaana. The all wetty saabudaana was added along with peanuts to the mess created and was mixed again for some time. I asked him to taste it after a while. He said that some more masalas need to be added along with some sugar. He tasted it again and the idea was an instant hit. The taste was superb. We were ready to enjoy the meal with curd to give some flavour to the dinner prepared.

Finally, we ended our day with a well made out dinner which we cherished a lot. I thanks sanket, my room partner for making me learn how to make this khichadi and survive at the time of fast.

The mission was finally over and we went off to sleep to wait for the next dawn.

Sanket, i’ll never forget this experience and this recipe. Thanks a ton bro.

Saturday, March 1

Twin Tale!!!!

No matter whether it was with respect to the attendance in the school/college or planning to meet each else's girl friend's, we identical twins celebrated every joyous moment, abetting each other, in each else's life. Mom tells us, people from far off will come to have a look during our perambulatory days and thought it was just next to a miracle happened with them. The maternal and paternal links would ask unending funnier (funnier more on an inquisitive and surprised note then ridicule) questions whether if one feel the pain when the other gets hurt or vice-versa (as it happens in moviez) and how do you distinguish between the two (well, parents know about their kids). As we touched the 2 year mark, we were separated and later reunited after a period of 5 years. During these long five years, none of us remembered about our duplicate's existence. I was with my grandparents in some other state. There were no word from each of us but after we turned 7, we were in total shock, amazed, bewildered and were surprised to see each one's clone as if god has kept a mirror in front of us or has he sprinkled colors on another human being's face to turn him the way each one of us appeared. We got together very well later and were filled with the positive vibe of being unique, somehow, in this world. There was one more interesting observation about us, there was something uniquely common in between us, not the regular fact of one getting hurt and other feeling pain, but the possibility of both falling ill almost at the same time irrespective of the distances between us. This again gave a kick feeling (on a negative note) to both of us for being special. If my twin sibling went down with some ailment then next was my turn to join him on the same ailment and at same time too. But all in all, those were happier times when we were together. During school, we used to play on our teachers for the attendance stuff. Sometimes, our teachers at tuition even freaked-out seeing both of us so similar and replicas of each other. One of the alumni never came to know who actually attended the lectures and who bunked and how come the attendance was covered for both of us. Our school dress, was supposed to be of different colors intentionally to distinguish between us. During college, our mentors use to take our names simultaneously so that anyone of us can come and take the task. We used to share the same desk even in school. It was fun to be twins. We had everything in common, the face, the nature except the brain and girl friends. Don ask how they used to identify us, but, it was not much of a problem. My twin is more intelligent but i am smarter to him. Today, we enjoy our lives working in different firms and enjoy the memorable past that we had and giggle on stuff we did together as twins when we think about them. I pray god that we never lose this charm till eternity.
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