Saturday, February 2

My Top 10 Horror Moviez : Hollywood

1. shutter
watch this baap of all horror movies......guys this movie will prove you all wrong on the perceptions that you have regarding your favorite horror movies. once you'll watch it, you yourself will say all other movies are like comic flicks in front of it. hats off to the thailand film industry who created such a bizarre flick.
although the movie is at a bit slow pace but will left you unmoved for next 2.5 hours that u gonna spend watching it. as a caution caveat, i would suggest you, not to watch this movie when all alone and that too in night. it might cause depression or nervous breakdown. people with light heart dare to watch it at their own risk.
you guys must be wandering that i might be exaggerating. if that is the thing and am sure you will definitely prove yourself wrong on this. trust me guys am not kidding. after watching this movie i was not in myself for next 2 days. I gave already given it the top rating in my list and now am waiting for it’s sequel to arrive which I guess will be released this 2008. Many industries tried copying this movie but all in vain. Sivi, a south Indian movie, was on the parallel lines of shutter.
Watching this movie will definitely chill you out, run adrenaline in your spine and will leave you gasping for air.
So, go ahead guys, don miss this movie.
You can download it from as it’s not readily available in markets.

2. the ring
Well, I have given it 2nd position on my countdown. Ring 1 was better then the second part. As there’s nothing much to understand in the movie but the kind of aura that has been created by the director makes it one of the most horror movies ever made on earth. Some of the scenes are too shocking and frightening, you tend to close your eyes once the shot is struck on the screen. Don miss it. You’ll definitely consider it as a classic in horror categories. The posthumous characters created by the movie makers makes oneself bite it’s own nails as the movie progresses.

3. final destination part1 & part2
Aah, the picturisation is perfect. Not related to any ghost popping up on the screen but the concept of the movie is nothing less in comparison to evil/demon characters of other movies. This movie is about premonition. If someone sees the design of the death that is going to happen in the future and tries to cheat the death in a despair hope to save the lives of all those in the design, see what will happen next as the hero of the movie attempts to save as many lives he can but fails to save even his own even in the end. Watch out the fight between the death’s plans and human strategies. Will give you a nail biting finish in the end. Plus, don miss the second part too, if you wanna watch more of blood, more of cheating stuff, more of terror and want to get a bit more scared after watching the first part.

4. the blair witch project
Not a fiction but a true documentary made out in the city of Burkesville. A city, basically a jungle which is abandoned, isolated because of the presence of demons and un natural characters in the joungle. So a team of 3 college going students decides to find out the mystery associated in that jungle. As the movie ends, nobody is saved except the videos that they saved and later discovered by Discovery channel team. If you’ll search on the net one will find a lot about this mysterious place and lot many communities are even made on orkut to explain the unexplained. It’s full of voodoo’s ans witches. Don’t watch it with children. Some scenes are not watchful to eyes.

5. texas chain saw massacre
It’s more of a suspense then a horror. suspense because of the horror acts committed by 1 man in the movie. Just watch what happens when someone freaks out taking a chain saw in one hand and cutting people’s limbs and finally leaving them stranded for life. Do watch this flick. It will definitely give a pain to your head.

6. psycho part1 & part2
It’s one of the classics from old times. A person plans to write a journal on how it feels when someone is drowning. What state of reactions the person suffused while he’s in the water. So the writer starts drowning people in a river and kills as many babies, people around him. Later on when some1 finds out this, he’s been given hang-to-daeth order. But soon after the death of the psycho killer the novel hits the market and becomes a best seller and people start following his ways. So do watch both the black & white classics named psycho.

7. the grudge
The name is enough. Nothing to say but it’s an exceptional effort made in bringing the suspense drama along with blood on screen. Go ahead you’ll love it.

8. the sixth sense
Well, here’s something from our shayamalan. Although I didn’t understood the movie to such an extent till I watched it repeatedly and got the real meaning of what the movie wanted to say. The child is brilliant in the movie and there are some scenes in the movie which will definitely petrify you. My favorite scene from the movies was of the kitchen mess and the dead bodies hanging upside down. Also, the cyclist standing next to the car. So go ahead guys and bang your heads till the time you don’t get this movie.

9. exorcism of emily rose
Okie, so 1 more documentary in my favorite list. But it’s more of a fictional documentary. You can even Google on net who Emily rose was and how she met her death. This flick is I guess best among all the exorcist moviez ever made.

10. the amity villa/ the others
Somebody has said, if the legend does it, he/she does it the best. Nicole kidman at her best in the movie THE OTHERS. Many directors tried copying this movie. Even in india too, there was a movie done by sushmitta sen on the lines of the others. I don’t remember the name now. But the kidman movie is out of this world. You’ll love it. See a mother tries to protect her children from light by covering her bungalow completely with black curtains and try to move all those who wants to come into the bungalow and take control of everything. Later she founds out that she herself and her children are dead who are fighting against the light and doing away with the humans who wants to move into the house. An awesome flick. Do watch it.
So finally, the last but not the least, the amity ville, again a documentary. Do watch it to know what was inside this villa that made the family to move out of it and abandon it completely. The villa is still there but all isolated and comes in 1 of the most haunted places ever on earth. You’ll get a lot to know about it on the net.



  2. I re-read the post and enjoyed it till the last explanation of all the movies..thanks for the list...
    waiting to see more on the list for the latest track of new horror/sustpense/thriller flicks...


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