Sunday, February 24

And She lost It from The Memory...

what happens when a person loses his memory because of some head injury? does it result in a partial or complete loss of the memory? these are some unexplained questions that still daunts me and makes me wonder why. are these questions uniquely answered for every case that comes up as the news flash? the experts say that our memory is divided into 2 types. the LTM(long term memory) and the STM (short term memory). they also add that anything in LTM is permanent and is not volatile whereas the stuff which resides in the STM vanishes after some time, just as the RAM and ROM of the computers. is this really true. then, how do we categorise the activities we do as meant to go in the STM or the LTM of the brain? am still in search of these questions.
for me, i guess, the statement that the long term memory is fixed and unerasable whereas the short term memory is volatile, is, itself very much volatile.
i happened to meet a person long back during my college time who had some concussions in the head because of some accident. she was bed ridden for rest of her life. the memory slate on which she's been writing for all her life, just got erased with the rubber labelled Accident eraser. but, was it erased completely, nobody knew. when she was asked to recall her name she didnt knew who she was, what place she came from and what was her identity except the fact that she remembered how to hold the spoon and eat, how to hold a pen and write or how to show love for someone. the question that comes up now is that from the day she stepped in this world till death she was given a name, an identity in this not-so-known world which should have gone into her her long term memory but still she was not able to recall it. and surprisingly, the activities that she learnt much later in her life like holding a pen and writing or holding a spoon and eating were still present in her LTM. she didnt forgot any of them. why so? why she met with such an irony like many others. who decides what should go in the LTM and what not. and why are sometimes things meant for STM goes in LTM and vice-versa. is the name of an individual that carries so much of importance about his/her identity becomes a thing of absence after the calamity. as i move close to her, her eyes were filled with tears because she knew that she's not well and showed her love for me with an hug but on being asked about my relation to hers, she was completely blank and cried out of pity.
holding a pen for writing and riding a bicycle are that important activities like many others that they are meant to go in the LTM of the brain. is it because of the practicality involved in these activities that makes them move to LTM and rest to STM of an individual. i thanked god for not keeping the affection and love coming from her in the short term memory for her. she always wanted to say something but what neither of us knew. she was none other then my grandma who died 1 year after that accident. but for that 1 year her life left too many questions unanswered for me. god bless her in heavens for the sufferings she had in the last 1 year of her life.

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  1. You know what this post actually reminds me!! "Drew Barrymore" from 50 first dates!

    Drew Barrymore plays "Lucy Whitmore" who suffers short term memeory loss due to a tragic accident.Short term in lucy's case was 1 day!!..Her memory gets refreshed every 24 hours and doesnt remember a things that happened the previous day,though her LTM was intact!!!..

    But, i kinda considered Lucy lucky, She jus lives for the day leaving and forgetting the worries of the previous day.


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