Saturday, February 2


i die every day,
i see myself trapped.
the uncertainty matrix surrounds now and then,
as if, the clock's tick tock, every second, gives a slap.
sometimes i wonder,
how cool is it to live as dead.
with the abyss fiascos and tortures ahead,
pricks thousand nails in the head.
these weird thoughts runs adrenaline in the spine,
with every moments irritating,
i see myself every instant crying.
the stress is unendurable,
but, it's here to stay.
the mortal skin houses a dark dungeon,
waiting to fall as prey.
the souls wants to escape from the human blend,
finding new ways "how to put this life to an end?"

1 comment:

  1. great poem - thanks!

    keep doing what you're doing


    Houseplant Picture Studio


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