Sunday, February 17

Dead - 2

this is the extended version of my poem DEAD prepared by one of my very close friends in the company where am working. her name is Kavitha. thanks Kavitha for creating a detailed version of my poem.

i die every day,
i see myself trapped.
the uncertainty matrix surrounds now and then,
as if, the clock's tick tock, every second, gives a slap.
sometimes i wonder,
how cool is it to live as dead.
with the abyss fiascos and tortures ahead,
pricks thousand nails in the head.
these weird thoughts runs adrenaline in the spine,
with every moments irritating,
i see myself every instant crying.
the stress is unendurable,
but, it's here to stay.
the mortal skin houses a dark dungeon,
waiting to fall as prey.
the souls wants to escape from the human blend,
finding new ways "how to put this life to an end?"
The walls in my desolate room, are closing around me
caged like a wingless Raven unable to flee..
there is a deafening silence, in my ears with constant ringing
Coz,I’m jus Living whilst I’m implosively dying.
I don’t do anything these days, except to breathe out the air I breathe in,
To the rest of the world, my outline jus keeps fadin’
I wonder, if anyone would notice, if I just disappear
For the many puzzles of life, I’ll never find the answer.
Bequeathing the pain of love,
my cloudy days shone sunny again
In you, I saw the person I am
Your smile, made me smile..
Such games you played so guile,
Yet, I saw my world in your eyes.
Until, the truth came crashing on me
Swore…yours I will never be.
Encumbering the desire to self slain,
I will make you, crave..
For the rest of your life, you will pray..
Not ones meet my way.

Courtesy: Kavitha

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