Saturday, January 19

who is Akanksha Jachak?

no guesses i guess. but she's a 17 year old girl from indore/mumbai who has registered her name in Guiness Book Of world records for singing continuously for 61 hours with no repitition in a solo live concert in india. she performed a Longest Solo Live concert at age 16 on 7,8 & 9th November 2006 at the Historical Gandhi Hall ( Formerly Known as Town Hall ) Indore in the presence of over 10,000 people physically and lacs witnessing the show being telecast live on various TV channels of India and abroad including :
ZEETV, AAJ TAK, IBN7, STAR TV, INDIA TV, NDTV, BBC, SAHARA TV, CNN and many more to name here, when she sung 725 songs during her live concert :
including 61 songs Sung by Hon Lataji, 61 Songs Sung by Hon. Ashaji, songs sung by 61Various singers, composed by 61various Music Directors, 61 Lyricists, 61 Film Producers, 61 Film Directors and so on and did not repeat ONE SINGLE song during the 61 hour long live concert.
she started singing in 1996.she's Honored & Blessed by over 350 organizations / Dignitaries. she's also honored as "Nanhi Lata" by the "Shrota Biradari" & Various other Music organisations of Repute. she has Won over 200 Local, Regional, State & National level Vocal Music Competitions. she presented over 1500 stage shows across India and has sung over 25 devotional regional albums which includes 7 video albums.
she has sung in 7 jingle albums.
she's been honoured by chief minister and governor of Madhya Pradesh.
she was also honoured for her outstanding achievements by our prime minister Manmohan Singh and lok sabha speaker Somnath Chatterjee and ex-lok sabha speaker Manohar Joshi.
to know more about her visit Akaansha Jachak


  1. yeah, i remember seeing the videos on TV. but i am not sure if she walked away as fit. was she admited in hospital?

  2. Hello Vinni,
    Aakanksha was taken in a procession to the Historical Rajwada at Indore on her successful completion of her Worlds longest solo live concert of 61 hours at the youngest age of 16 & later next day onwards she was busy facing the Media Persons for over a month,she is a vocalist since 1996 : here are some links :
    NEWS :


    remember she also received a National Child award on 14th November 2006 ... 5 days after her record performance at Delhi at the hands of Hon. Prime Minister Sri. Manmohansinghji for her outstanding achievements in the field of vocal music till year 2005.: Click Link for details :

  3. Well I found another link about Aakanksha Jachak :

    and when you type her name in the GOOGLE SEARCH we get hundreds of links ahowing her blogs, news & audio-video songs.


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