Monday, January 28

Saurav Ganguly : The Disguised Hero

The kingdom is there, the god of cricket Sachin Tendulkar ruling the kingdom, the crowd(the
Fans), the society(the followers of the game), all present but the faces all gloomed in
Darkness because the management has axed one of the navratanas from the court-saurav
Ganguly, not for his aggressive nature but for his contributions in the game of cricket in
The year 2007.
Why has the panel sacked him overseeing his past one year records? The man who should be
honored is asked to stand out as if the reclaimed-TAJ is again been taken from him. What a nice way to honor him. The panel says this is done in order to give chance to the new guys. But, The management has just forgot that chances do not come upon you, one has to fight for them And Ganguly was the only one who fought hard to win the long lost chance. This is the only Chance for the selection team to bring him back before the wear & tear fall him apart. A gem is never kept in the godown. When the mightiest are doing good then the youngsters got to wait. Our panel has always underestimated this unsung warrior on previous occasions too when a foreign Coach asked the voting body to take away the throne of captaincy from him and delete his name from the final 11. And now again, in the name of giving chance to the new comers.
Why only saurav ganguly? What wrong has he done? The scores all supports the
Legend for 2007 still the panel needs something extra from him.
Well, he's one man who's done a lot for the nation in the game of cricket. He’s a
revolutionary who brought the feel of enthusiasm and aggressiveness among the players during his captaincy. So he should not be rewarded as the 12th man. The guy deserves better then what has been awarded to him for his long lasting contributions. It’s not only he's affected but even the side and especially the aficionados for whom the game is something more than a religion.

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