Monday, January 14

The UnExplained Song : Hotel California

Ever imagined, a song so popular, heard too many times in clubs, concerts, played in cars, parties, iPods and mobiles may have some mystery surrounding it?

Alright, I am talking about the Song “Hotel California” from the same name album by the band EAGLES.

Is it a song or is it a balled?

How does this song sound when played in reverse direction?

Is there any place called “hotel California” in US or any other part of the world?

Who was the lyricist who wrote this song?

Is it a romantic song?

Was this song found by someone but written by someone?

Well, to answer few, there’s no hotel existent in today’s world with such a name. You may find few themed after this song after it turned out to be an overnight success story after its release.

And, believe me guys, if I have to rate on a scale of 1 to 10, my score will not be anything above 1 in Romantic Songs category.

In fact, it was one of the creepiest, scariest songs ever written and closely linked to the urban legends.

The band EAGLES were Satanist, the ones who worship evils and this was also visible on their cover album with the word ‘SATAN’ carved on 1 of the windows on their cover page.

It’s also said if you listen to this sing in reverse direction, I mean play it from end to start, you will perceive sound inhuman and more like a devil cry.

Is it a narrative, a poem with a refrain?

My understanding is : it’s still a mystery!!!

Nobody knows the creator’s name for this song although there are people claiming the rights today!!!


Before I end this post,

Make sure next time you listen this number, concentrate on the words, sentences formation and stanzas.

Remember the words : "This could be heaven or this could be hell... They stab it with their steely knives but they just can’t kill the beast!!!"

Every line, every word will give you a satanic feeling.

Till then, Keep listening!!!


  1. there is a lot more to the song. people say its about devil worship. there are a lot of conspiracy theories. but the eagles have been mum about it for a long time. its time they break their silence. what say?

  2. This is kind of whaccky stuff..but do we really know what the song is all about?? i mean, looking at what lyrics quote, it doesnt sound all that gory/uncanny..Can you please eleborate a bit more and dig down for us???

  3. It is all about hell..but that doesnt really substantiate the mystery behing id..we have a lot many other bands who play the same kind of music..all that's satanic...
    What is d mystery behind this one???


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