Thursday, January 10

Sleep Cost Me An Interview

The interviewer asked,"So, what's your hobby?"

i blurted, "Apart from listening to all kinds of music, i give priority to the idea of SLEEPING for hours"

"My Apologies, i didn't get you.You mean SLEEPING is your hobby?"

I thought i nailed it (but i was wrong)

"So, that means when you do not have anything else to do, you sleep?"

Confused but my answer was YES!!!

"Very well, lets discuss about this interesting hobby of yours, young man"

Was there really something to discuss here? i asked myself. He won't ask me what position you sleep at 1 in the morning or what it feels like when you hit the sack to pursue your hobby middle of the day?

I was 188% sure i had nothing to say or discuss on this subject but this over confidence soon replaced my head with a big question mark sling-ed on to my body.

Will he stop, will this interview turn out to be a nightmare for me today, i wasn't sure. i tried changing the conversation about some other planet but there was no way to make his mind travel to something else.

Seeing my vulnerability, he prepared himself and the first shot of question was fired, "What part of the brain is active when one is sleeping?"

Before i could raise my head and see him in eyes, a second shot was fired right into my head in an ambush.

"Does the body synchronize with brain while sleeping? How many types of sleep is there? What does cerebral cortex do when one is asleep? How does one dream? Differentiate between sleep, coma and somnambulism?" etc etc.

My Reaction, "aaaaaaa,eh,####, Sir ......errrrr"

My situation was nothing less than a dying soldier far away from his camp's safe zone.

i asked for a glass of water.

i believe the whole world and the date and time was conspiring against me to nail me down deep into the ground. i desperately waited for this interview to end at the earliest.

i believe the gods above were witnessing this incident and must have pitied over my situation because the very next minute the interviewer changed his facial reflections, eased himself and asked me to relax.

i was back to normal but my eyes were stuck towards the exit door.

The interview didn't last for too long and soon i was asked to leave the room.

i got home gasping and laid down and immediately dozed off to a good sleep.

Anyways, the next day i woke up, did my research on the idea of sleeping.

if interested you can continue reading it here.

P.S : i realized from this incident that one must have complete knowledge about the subject he/she is good at. one must not say or put anything in their resume which they've never experienced or never known before in their lives.

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing!


  1. heeh lol man :) funny read
    i will remember this and will try to crack some interviews :P


  2. ya,this is really interesting. nicely written Rahul ji:-)

  3. cool. enjoyed the read.


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