Monday, January 28

Green-Sick Carnivore

I would personally give an ‘A’ grade to the article which brings you very close to the reality and changes the way you look towards everything in life. Something similar happened with me a few days back. And will share the same story with you too.
It was a beautiful evening. The dusk was almost ready to welcome the night. The ground was filled with the voices of children playing around enjoying themselves without any worries. A mother was toddling along with her baby and watched the child move on the muddy ground. She laughed on whatever charm the child got from its saunter walking. She moved along where ever the child moved. The atmosphere was fun filled when suddenly the terror stuck. The child fell into an inconspicuous cavity, a pit and vanished. The mother turned around to see her kid but all in vain. And, it was the time when the panic struck within her. She cried when she observed her child in the pit and asked for help. Nobody came forward to help her but stood there as mere spectators and left later on. She tried all by herself to bring the child out of the deep unseable hole. The child cried and asked for her mother to assist in coming out of the deadly fall. the child didn’t speak anything but only wept. The bawling was hurting the lady. With no one around she thought of moving from there to bring in someone for help but the violent cries put a full stop on to her steps. She stayed back. She could not do anything except watch her child sit there in deep dark and cry. Now, the place also started getting darker, she decided to jump herself into the pit and rescue her child from the pit no matter whatever happens to her. She finally jumped and after a short tussle, came out with the fainted child. She sprinkled water on to the child and took it home in her arms.
The article that was published in the newspaper was regarding an elephant calf that fell in a pit hole and cried vehemently. The mother could not do anything except watch the calf in there. The other elephants resonated in her cries and the entire forest filled with the unpleasant noises. With tears running down the elephant mother’s face she tried taking out the calf with her trunk. It was a despair attempt. And finally she rescued the calf. She sprinkled water stored in her trunk and the calf recovered.
The analogy was done to bring out the similarities between the animals and the humans who are different from us in only one sense and that is that they cannot speak.
The article moved me and popped up many questions unanswered in front of me. Do animals feel pain? What happens if someone beloved to them goes away? It’s only our verbal skill that separates us from them. To their disadvantage, they can’t speak anything and we take that for granted and do all the evil acts we can perform to them. If an elephant mother can feel pain, so are other animals. And finally I decided to stop consuming non vegetarian stuff because what am gulping in my belly is not just the mass of that particular animal but also their pains, the cries and sorrows and terror in their eyes before dying. and made me from a mere mass to grass eater or you can say, a green sick carnivore.

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