Monday, January 14


Yes, I know, I heard it, it’s the HANGOVER again and it’s not only a pain in head but in a** too.

No dude, I am not talking about the second version of the movie but my so called jeopardized situation thanks to the last night excessive drinking.

Imagine how things get so blurry and a glimpse of oneself in the mirror not only adds anxiety and dude, it's big time identity crisis.

The world seems to run so slow that the minute hand on the clock gets replaced by the speed of hour hand and the second that of the minute.

Three days stale food in fridge suddenly starts tasting very fresh. The heart says to eat but the mind asks "eat-with-what" as the tooth is jammed, the hands have grown in weight to lift anything, eyes are small enough as if giving competition to Chinese.

And then the most obvious dumba** questions come up in mind of every drunkard soul:

What am I doing here?

Where am I?

Who brought me here?

Was I over drunk last night?

How did I reach here?



Etc etc.

The only best thing recommended by fellow alcoholics or so called male-chauvinist-alcoholic-fraternity during such moments is to submerge yourself in cold water, hydrate yourself with water not OH and rest as much possible because humane movements gets astronomical (Dude, do not even try to lumber around, it may prove fatal!!!).

When everything seems so un-welcomed, a drop of needle sounds like an alarm bell.

On top of it, imagine when the mobile buzz or the door bell rings. Pain strikes direct to your head with an ambush.

Normal People moving around just don’t appear normal as you try to catchup to their momentum.

The only wish you desperately want to fulfill sooner than later is to get out of this situation.

And you sigh saying, “I am not drinking again ever in my life!!!”

You can also check out my poem "A drunken Soul" here.

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