Wednesday, January 9

Gujarat MODI-fied

Welcome to Bapu’s birth place. Welcome to Gujarat. Nobody has ever thought that the soil, who’s son always followed the path of secularism will turn into a Hindu dominated state after 60 years of independence. The feel of hindutva is up again and rising. Modi has finally broken the back of the doomed host who became strangers among its own people. No matter who the opponent was, nobody stood firm in front of Modi’s charisma.
Someone has rightly said, what goes around, comes back. The Godhra incident paved way for the Modi government to hit back hard with the hindutva weapon. And they did well. But, this BJP victory put us back from INDIA, a multi religion country, to HINDUSTAN, the name which itself borne the feel of one religion. With the supporters like the bhajrangdal, BJP’s chariot will be in full swing to turn the nation from Hindustan to hindu-sthan with Modi in the driver’s seat. It was Modi’s hindutva driven chauvinism that led the vibe and support of people which turned Gujarat to a hindu-ist state.
The supreme throne that he occupies today after the unanimous victory with the hindutva instrument leaves a common man unaware of what his next caveat will be. With the damage already begun to the coalition rule, one has to wait and watch how this one man army will come about in other states as well. It’s truly GUJRAT MODI-FIED.

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  1. Narender Modi's maiden reaction when his party was all set to take power was "I AM CM, I WILL BE THE CM"

    Guess, that says it all..!!! The term secular, loses its identity!
    Expect more modi-fications!



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