Monday, January 7

Come Closer To God .. The Right Way!!!

"Man is a social animal".

This ephemeral goes on from our very first step to kinder garden till we start transmitting it to our children.

But are we really social or have we morphed the meaning of socialism? Is Being social now only confined to the walls of social networking websites like facebook, G+ or orkut ?

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Is being part of the society and the interactions we have make us socially connected?

Well, it may be politically correct to say the fact that we at least do not isolate ourselves from human bonding. But being acquainted puts a limit to the meaning of "socialism"?

Did we ever gave a thought, When was the last time we actually helped a poor or an orphan, brought smile on their face or provided emotional (or monetary) support and happiness to the not-so-privileged sons of god?

When was the last time we actually connected ourselves to a social cause? Is personal ablution, the only way for a mortal to come closer to God?

Why do we commit one percent charity/social welfare only when there's a catastrophe and brag about it for rest of our lives?

Today, we work to feed our family and surrender to their needs but do we ever give a thought, what a child of the same age like ours from a poverty-stricken family in slums who has never seen anything but poverty has to go through!!!
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Is this our karma?

We come in this world with a closed fist and die the same way. Then, why do we have to accumulate all the earthly assets which were never ours in first place.

Redemption goes through charity/social welfare.

Do not lament about the hard earned money, SMILE can never be bought.

Touch poverty to touch god.

Happiness comes from Smile, a smile showered on the less blessed.

So, Next time if you come across anyone who needs a helping hand, consider yourself blessed!!!

This is what i believe the true meaning on being Social.

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  1. amazing post Rahul :)
    good topic to be discussed..
    Social animal is no more social, we are social only in FB,blog etc !
    humanity is dying :(-DeepAk

    1. thanks Deepak for liking the post .. i agree with you, humanity is actually dying...

  2. 'SMILE can never be bought'true,true,true....
    sochney per wiwash kerti aapki post...

  3. haan Indu .. bhagwan kissi ko aapke paas help ke liye bhejta hai toh kuch samajh kar hi bhejta hai....kabhi usko help se manaa mat karo...

  4. It is truly heartening to come across this post, and I hope more and more people think along the same lines so that the world around us can start reversing the negative trend that it is seeing and we can build a society that is truly joyful and vibrant. Loved your post and your attitude. God bless, and keep shining.

    1. @ Subhorup

      thanks for the wishes!

      i hope if each one of us put in little effort we definitely can make this world a better place for tomorrow...



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