Monday, January 28

Green-Sick Carnivore

I would personally give an ‘A’ grade to the article which brings you very close to the reality and changes the way you look towards everything in life. Something similar happened with me a few days back. And will share the same story with you too.
It was a beautiful evening. The dusk was almost ready to welcome the night. The ground was filled with the voices of children playing around enjoying themselves without any worries. A mother was toddling along with her baby and watched the child move on the muddy ground. She laughed on whatever charm the child got from its saunter walking. She moved along where ever the child moved. The atmosphere was fun filled when suddenly the terror stuck. The child fell into an inconspicuous cavity, a pit and vanished. The mother turned around to see her kid but all in vain. And, it was the time when the panic struck within her. She cried when she observed her child in the pit and asked for help. Nobody came forward to help her but stood there as mere spectators and left later on. She tried all by herself to bring the child out of the deep unseable hole. The child cried and asked for her mother to assist in coming out of the deadly fall. the child didn’t speak anything but only wept. The bawling was hurting the lady. With no one around she thought of moving from there to bring in someone for help but the violent cries put a full stop on to her steps. She stayed back. She could not do anything except watch her child sit there in deep dark and cry. Now, the place also started getting darker, she decided to jump herself into the pit and rescue her child from the pit no matter whatever happens to her. She finally jumped and after a short tussle, came out with the fainted child. She sprinkled water on to the child and took it home in her arms.
The article that was published in the newspaper was regarding an elephant calf that fell in a pit hole and cried vehemently. The mother could not do anything except watch the calf in there. The other elephants resonated in her cries and the entire forest filled with the unpleasant noises. With tears running down the elephant mother’s face she tried taking out the calf with her trunk. It was a despair attempt. And finally she rescued the calf. She sprinkled water stored in her trunk and the calf recovered.
The analogy was done to bring out the similarities between the animals and the humans who are different from us in only one sense and that is that they cannot speak.
The article moved me and popped up many questions unanswered in front of me. Do animals feel pain? What happens if someone beloved to them goes away? It’s only our verbal skill that separates us from them. To their disadvantage, they can’t speak anything and we take that for granted and do all the evil acts we can perform to them. If an elephant mother can feel pain, so are other animals. And finally I decided to stop consuming non vegetarian stuff because what am gulping in my belly is not just the mass of that particular animal but also their pains, the cries and sorrows and terror in their eyes before dying. and made me from a mere mass to grass eater or you can say, a green sick carnivore.

Saurav Ganguly : The Disguised Hero

The kingdom is there, the god of cricket Sachin Tendulkar ruling the kingdom, the crowd(the
Fans), the society(the followers of the game), all present but the faces all gloomed in
Darkness because the management has axed one of the navratanas from the court-saurav
Ganguly, not for his aggressive nature but for his contributions in the game of cricket in
The year 2007.
Why has the panel sacked him overseeing his past one year records? The man who should be
honored is asked to stand out as if the reclaimed-TAJ is again been taken from him. What a nice way to honor him. The panel says this is done in order to give chance to the new guys. But, The management has just forgot that chances do not come upon you, one has to fight for them And Ganguly was the only one who fought hard to win the long lost chance. This is the only Chance for the selection team to bring him back before the wear & tear fall him apart. A gem is never kept in the godown. When the mightiest are doing good then the youngsters got to wait. Our panel has always underestimated this unsung warrior on previous occasions too when a foreign Coach asked the voting body to take away the throne of captaincy from him and delete his name from the final 11. And now again, in the name of giving chance to the new comers.
Why only saurav ganguly? What wrong has he done? The scores all supports the
Legend for 2007 still the panel needs something extra from him.
Well, he's one man who's done a lot for the nation in the game of cricket. He’s a
revolutionary who brought the feel of enthusiasm and aggressiveness among the players during his captaincy. So he should not be rewarded as the 12th man. The guy deserves better then what has been awarded to him for his long lasting contributions. It’s not only he's affected but even the side and especially the aficionados for whom the game is something more than a religion.

Saturday, January 19

who is Akanksha Jachak?

no guesses i guess. but she's a 17 year old girl from indore/mumbai who has registered her name in Guiness Book Of world records for singing continuously for 61 hours with no repitition in a solo live concert in india. she performed a Longest Solo Live concert at age 16 on 7,8 & 9th November 2006 at the Historical Gandhi Hall ( Formerly Known as Town Hall ) Indore in the presence of over 10,000 people physically and lacs witnessing the show being telecast live on various TV channels of India and abroad including :
ZEETV, AAJ TAK, IBN7, STAR TV, INDIA TV, NDTV, BBC, SAHARA TV, CNN and many more to name here, when she sung 725 songs during her live concert :
including 61 songs Sung by Hon Lataji, 61 Songs Sung by Hon. Ashaji, songs sung by 61Various singers, composed by 61various Music Directors, 61 Lyricists, 61 Film Producers, 61 Film Directors and so on and did not repeat ONE SINGLE song during the 61 hour long live concert.
she started singing in 1996.she's Honored & Blessed by over 350 organizations / Dignitaries. she's also honored as "Nanhi Lata" by the "Shrota Biradari" & Various other Music organisations of Repute. she has Won over 200 Local, Regional, State & National level Vocal Music Competitions. she presented over 1500 stage shows across India and has sung over 25 devotional regional albums which includes 7 video albums.
she has sung in 7 jingle albums.
she's been honoured by chief minister and governor of Madhya Pradesh.
she was also honoured for her outstanding achievements by our prime minister Manmohan Singh and lok sabha speaker Somnath Chatterjee and ex-lok sabha speaker Manohar Joshi.
to know more about her visit Akaansha Jachak

Monday, January 14

The UnExplained Song : Hotel California

Ever imagined, a song so popular, heard too many times in clubs, concerts, played in cars, parties, iPods and mobiles may have some mystery surrounding it?

Alright, I am talking about the Song “Hotel California” from the same name album by the band EAGLES.

Is it a song or is it a balled?

How does this song sound when played in reverse direction?

Is there any place called “hotel California” in US or any other part of the world?

Who was the lyricist who wrote this song?

Is it a romantic song?

Was this song found by someone but written by someone?

Well, to answer few, there’s no hotel existent in today’s world with such a name. You may find few themed after this song after it turned out to be an overnight success story after its release.

And, believe me guys, if I have to rate on a scale of 1 to 10, my score will not be anything above 1 in Romantic Songs category.

In fact, it was one of the creepiest, scariest songs ever written and closely linked to the urban legends.

The band EAGLES were Satanist, the ones who worship evils and this was also visible on their cover album with the word ‘SATAN’ carved on 1 of the windows on their cover page.

It’s also said if you listen to this sing in reverse direction, I mean play it from end to start, you will perceive sound inhuman and more like a devil cry.

Is it a narrative, a poem with a refrain?

My understanding is : it’s still a mystery!!!

Nobody knows the creator’s name for this song although there are people claiming the rights today!!!


Before I end this post,

Make sure next time you listen this number, concentrate on the words, sentences formation and stanzas.

Remember the words : "This could be heaven or this could be hell... They stab it with their steely knives but they just can’t kill the beast!!!"

Every line, every word will give you a satanic feeling.

Till then, Keep listening!!!


Yes, I know, I heard it, it’s the HANGOVER again and it’s not only a pain in head but in a** too.

No dude, I am not talking about the second version of the movie but my so called jeopardized situation thanks to the last night excessive drinking.

Imagine how things get so blurry and a glimpse of oneself in the mirror not only adds anxiety and dude, it's big time identity crisis.

The world seems to run so slow that the minute hand on the clock gets replaced by the speed of hour hand and the second that of the minute.

Three days stale food in fridge suddenly starts tasting very fresh. The heart says to eat but the mind asks "eat-with-what" as the tooth is jammed, the hands have grown in weight to lift anything, eyes are small enough as if giving competition to Chinese.

And then the most obvious dumba** questions come up in mind of every drunkard soul:

What am I doing here?

Where am I?

Who brought me here?

Was I over drunk last night?

How did I reach here?



Etc etc.

The only best thing recommended by fellow alcoholics or so called male-chauvinist-alcoholic-fraternity during such moments is to submerge yourself in cold water, hydrate yourself with water not OH and rest as much possible because humane movements gets astronomical (Dude, do not even try to lumber around, it may prove fatal!!!).

When everything seems so un-welcomed, a drop of needle sounds like an alarm bell.

On top of it, imagine when the mobile buzz or the door bell rings. Pain strikes direct to your head with an ambush.

Normal People moving around just don’t appear normal as you try to catchup to their momentum.

The only wish you desperately want to fulfill sooner than later is to get out of this situation.

And you sigh saying, “I am not drinking again ever in my life!!!”

You can also check out my poem "A drunken Soul" here.

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Friday, January 11

Daylight Saving Time (DST)

Why do Americans every year wake up at 2o'clock on second Sunday in the month of march and change their clock timings with 1 hour ahead and reduce it by 1 hour every first Sunday again in the month of November in the same year?

why is the same practice followed by the Europeans every year but at 1o'clock in the morning of every last Sunday in the month of march and bring it back to normal timing by same 1 hour in the month of October on last Sunday?

Well, this is the concept of daylight saving time (DST) popularised by Benjamin Franklin.

This is done in order to increase the day's length by 1 hour in summers and is famously known with the name of "daylight shifting time".

This is now practically taken up by the president of America in 2005 in his energy policy act.

The department will analyze the impact of this change in timings on energy throughout this period.

Why at 2 only in the morning this practice is followed?

To answer this, it is the time when most of the America is sleeping and minimum number of trains is running and people who works in shifts has also not started with their shifts.

For the U.S. and its territories, Daylight Saving Time is NOT observed in Hawaii, American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, the Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands, and Arizona.

The main purpose of Daylight Saving Time is to make better use of daylight. People in America want to enjoy the long summer evening so they followed the concept of DST. Also, by moving the clock 1 hour ahead they slept early in nights and saved one hour energy.

But this is of no advantage in the months from November to February, as there is no 1 hour concept during this period, people tend to stay home because of the chill weather and consume more energy by loading various electrical appliances.

In most parts of America liquor is prohibited after 2 but in the fall they were allowed to have liquor because of the extra 1 hour people had because of the daylight saving time.

DST is also useful in reducing traffic accidents.

Daylight Saving Time is usually not helpful in the tropics, and countries near the equator generally do not change their clocks. This concept was opposed by most of the people later.

People argued what happen if "some unfortunate lady was confined with twins and one child was born 10 minutes before 1 o'clock. ... The time of birth of the two children would be reversed. ... Such an alteration might conceivably affect the property and titles in that House".

This act is still followed in approximately 70 countries all over the world except India, Japan and China.

To my surprise, a brief mention about it was also made in the movie "National Treasure" starring Nicholas Cage.

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Thursday, January 10

Sleep Cost Me An Interview

The interviewer asked,"So, what's your hobby?"

i blurted, "Apart from listening to all kinds of music, i give priority to the idea of SLEEPING for hours"

"My Apologies, i didn't get you.You mean SLEEPING is your hobby?"

I thought i nailed it (but i was wrong)

"So, that means when you do not have anything else to do, you sleep?"

Confused but my answer was YES!!!

"Very well, lets discuss about this interesting hobby of yours, young man"

Was there really something to discuss here? i asked myself. He won't ask me what position you sleep at 1 in the morning or what it feels like when you hit the sack to pursue your hobby middle of the day?

I was 188% sure i had nothing to say or discuss on this subject but this over confidence soon replaced my head with a big question mark sling-ed on to my body.

Will he stop, will this interview turn out to be a nightmare for me today, i wasn't sure. i tried changing the conversation about some other planet but there was no way to make his mind travel to something else.

Seeing my vulnerability, he prepared himself and the first shot of question was fired, "What part of the brain is active when one is sleeping?"

Before i could raise my head and see him in eyes, a second shot was fired right into my head in an ambush.

"Does the body synchronize with brain while sleeping? How many types of sleep is there? What does cerebral cortex do when one is asleep? How does one dream? Differentiate between sleep, coma and somnambulism?" etc etc.

My Reaction, "aaaaaaa,eh,####, Sir ......errrrr"

My situation was nothing less than a dying soldier far away from his camp's safe zone.

i asked for a glass of water.

i believe the whole world and the date and time was conspiring against me to nail me down deep into the ground. i desperately waited for this interview to end at the earliest.

i believe the gods above were witnessing this incident and must have pitied over my situation because the very next minute the interviewer changed his facial reflections, eased himself and asked me to relax.

i was back to normal but my eyes were stuck towards the exit door.

The interview didn't last for too long and soon i was asked to leave the room.

i got home gasping and laid down and immediately dozed off to a good sleep.

Anyways, the next day i woke up, did my research on the idea of sleeping.

if interested you can continue reading it here.

P.S : i realized from this incident that one must have complete knowledge about the subject he/she is good at. one must not say or put anything in their resume which they've never experienced or never known before in their lives.

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing!

Wednesday, January 9

Gujarat MODI-fied

Welcome to Bapu’s birth place. Welcome to Gujarat. Nobody has ever thought that the soil, who’s son always followed the path of secularism will turn into a Hindu dominated state after 60 years of independence. The feel of hindutva is up again and rising. Modi has finally broken the back of the doomed host who became strangers among its own people. No matter who the opponent was, nobody stood firm in front of Modi’s charisma.
Someone has rightly said, what goes around, comes back. The Godhra incident paved way for the Modi government to hit back hard with the hindutva weapon. And they did well. But, this BJP victory put us back from INDIA, a multi religion country, to HINDUSTAN, the name which itself borne the feel of one religion. With the supporters like the bhajrangdal, BJP’s chariot will be in full swing to turn the nation from Hindustan to hindu-sthan with Modi in the driver’s seat. It was Modi’s hindutva driven chauvinism that led the vibe and support of people which turned Gujarat to a hindu-ist state.
The supreme throne that he occupies today after the unanimous victory with the hindutva instrument leaves a common man unaware of what his next caveat will be. With the damage already begun to the coalition rule, one has to wait and watch how this one man army will come about in other states as well. It’s truly GUJRAT MODI-FIED.

Monday, January 7


Since i saw you,
my whole life has changed.
and, it looks to me
i am not the same.
i don't need anyone to tell my troubles too,
for since i met you,
i only need is

Come Closer To God .. The Right Way!!!

"Man is a social animal".

This ephemeral goes on from our very first step to kinder garden till we start transmitting it to our children.

But are we really social or have we morphed the meaning of socialism? Is Being social now only confined to the walls of social networking websites like facebook, G+ or orkut ?

Google Images

Is being part of the society and the interactions we have make us socially connected?

Well, it may be politically correct to say the fact that we at least do not isolate ourselves from human bonding. But being acquainted puts a limit to the meaning of "socialism"?

Did we ever gave a thought, When was the last time we actually helped a poor or an orphan, brought smile on their face or provided emotional (or monetary) support and happiness to the not-so-privileged sons of god?

When was the last time we actually connected ourselves to a social cause? Is personal ablution, the only way for a mortal to come closer to God?

Why do we commit one percent charity/social welfare only when there's a catastrophe and brag about it for rest of our lives?

Today, we work to feed our family and surrender to their needs but do we ever give a thought, what a child of the same age like ours from a poverty-stricken family in slums who has never seen anything but poverty has to go through!!!
Google Images

Is this our karma?

We come in this world with a closed fist and die the same way. Then, why do we have to accumulate all the earthly assets which were never ours in first place.

Redemption goes through charity/social welfare.

Do not lament about the hard earned money, SMILE can never be bought.

Touch poverty to touch god.

Happiness comes from Smile, a smile showered on the less blessed.

So, Next time if you come across anyone who needs a helping hand, consider yourself blessed!!!

This is what i believe the true meaning on being Social.

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