Tuesday, November 25

3 Wet Leaves

July’ 2004: Chandigarh

“Hey, Rahul, It’s raining, you better stay in your room.

Meantime, I’ll prepare a hot cup of tea along with your favorite allu samosas and jalebi I got from market”, the voice came from kitchen.

I nodded my head to send waves of consent as an affirmation to the announcement ignoring the fact that I was in my room and mom in kitchen. I was all very relaxed, sitting comfortably in my bed and looking outside my room’s window opening to the pleasant view of drizzle.

The tranquil Climate encouraged me to stay back till mom gets something to eat.

July’s shower and the leaves’ hustling added peace within me.

“Getup and have tea!!!” she echoed while entering the room.

I sat beside her and enjoyed my cup of tea.

We spoke for a while before we both went silent and started looking out.

She held my hand and wished for life to be as peaceful as the weather today.

I smiled back at her before changing my position.

She smiled back and kissed me on forehead before leaving the room.

I hoped for this moment to stay forever and said it to myself, “this rain shall stay forever.”

July’ 2006: Patiala

“Hey, sweetheart, it’s so very romantic, you and I together, holding hands, enjoying every second of this moment with each falling rain drop” she muttered looking through the class room window.

“Yes and I hope this moment to cease forever!!!” I replied.

“We promised to be like this, loving each other in all time frames”, she added.

It was our first experience, holding hands, watching rain and telepathy was the only medium for our communication.

Neither of us wanted to leave and hoped “for this rain to never to stop”!!!

July’ 2008: Chennai

“Hey, Rahul, it’ you, all alone in this cyclonic weather and storming rain, away from home, here on terrace of your office building, water dripping through your coffee” came the voice from within.

It was louder and clearer then the thundering noise outside.

I was isolated dead being, insane as the rain.

With each sip of water over my coffee, my mind ran across all the wrong decisions I made in life.

I stood nowhere today, almost on the brink of falling thanks to the unexpected, unwanted choices I made in the past.

The darkness surrounded me like the rain water inundating the roads.

None was talking except the guzzling winds in this emphatic rain.

At this moment, I remembered the first few lines of the song from linkin’ Park:

I tried so hard,

But not so far,

In the end,

It just didn’t even matter…

The rain was in no mood to undergo a facelift neither was my life.

I stood silent and wished for just one thing today, “God, please make this rain to stop forever."

Monday, November 24

The Vodka Lady

Last Sunday night, heavy vodka did set in Monday blues for me today, i was already running late for the eye soaring office with drums stomping their wit out in my 'newly shaved "Michael Scofield" lookalike' head, i felt enormous pain and anxiousness, so i unrolled myself from the sack and stood below the cold shower to alleviate the noise effused by the thundering drums.
But, oh yeah, have i missed something, yeah, forgot to take off my night suit before hitting the shower. It's OK, not my fault, the vodka lady still occupying my mind and body completely and wannit me in such a mess.
The beats did pacified as if some one's playing some slow country songs but the rippling effect wasn't moving out too easily. i figured out, a nausea, a sense of feeling light from the body but heavy on the head was slowly oozing(yuk...sounds similar to boozing...)in. Without any second thoughts to shower any caveat to the (UFO,scaling instruments) kinda noises thumping within my head, i switched on my laptop and played godsmack, iron maiden to wave signals of retaliation. i felt good, hell yeah, real good. i could feel the germs of vodka leaving my body, taking a detour via head and finally moving to the higher world.
Well, what next, got to hit the boring office, but, hey i could not find any suitable shirt to match my hairstyle (yeah...i know...i must be kidding..., how can a shirt be of a match-kind to the hair's design??? but sorry guys, it was not me but the V-lady within me speaking her last but too many wishes). Well, got 1 blue coloured full sleeve AS shirt with light brown LP trousers. Finally, i reached office, relaxed in my workstation, far off from the office' scheduled work, thinking about the nicest feeling one have when the vodka lady touches your lips (HOLD ON GUYS...LOL).

Gosh, gotta go, running late mite...for the work, see you again here this place, writing some more of my close rendezvous' with the vodka lady. c ya

Saturday, November 15

Once In A Blue Moon

Once in a blue moon it so happens when someone least expected does something commendable and is appreciated by all. Once in a blue moon, it so happens when someone does something not for thyself but for humanity. And, Once in a blue moon so happens when INDIA actually lands on moon and waves the national flag from there.
14th Nov'2008 will be recorded in the history of Indian science as the day when India went onto become the elitist among the elites' to be amongst the few who's made its' presence felt on the moon. Yes, believe it or not, India has finally stationed itself on our ubiquitous natural satellite, "The moon".
Friday was selected as the D-Day when ISRO launched MIP(Moon Impact Probe) under the Chandrayan-1 project from Sahrikota. The entire mission was successfully completed within 1.13 mins when the probe left from earth to enter the lunar orbit of the moon and finally crash landed on moon within the same Goldilocks zone. Wow, man, those 1.13 mins of the flight must have given a sudden adrenaline rush to not only to the members of the ISRO club but everyone around the world. The feat must not had enough of coupling effect on the world, but it certainly gave a wake up call to all around.
i read the news on Saturday's TOI's front page which clearly mentioned of India becoming the 5th nation in the world to hit the surface of moon. My eyes were ripped apart as i read through each word again and again in exhilaration.
the feel of Indian flag fluttering in the thundering 0 gravity air of moon gave me goosebumps and sense of patriotism and passion to achieve new heights and left me with a fell of landmark achievement to the world.
Thanks to the real PRESIDENT and Rocket-Man of our country, Mr. Abdul Kalam, who's baby MIP is deported safely on moon. Guys, It was Mr. Kalam's idea to launch the probe on moon. The man certainly has a vision to make India a superpower by 2020. I feel proud for such men for their contributions and for the nation who's given us legends like him.
before i finish the never ending saga of the mammoth achievement, i would like to congratulate every Indian around and in every nook and corner of this world from the bottom of my heart for the grandeur unimagined task.
I thank ISRO and congratulate them with a wish to accomplish more of impossible but possible tasks.
here i leave you guys with some images(click images to view more pics), the first shots sent by ISRO's baby MIP from moon back home to tell about it's safe landing and whereabouts :-)

The "Apple Corp" Bite

Ever wondered why a company like Apple Corp has a logo of "slightly eaten apple" as if someone's taken a bite from it on the right and if this is the case, then, who that someone is or may be, is it out of the blue, this sign was discovered???. Well if you have not given a thought to it before then better stick on to this post and read the trivia behind the legacy.

As i was going through the book "the impossible of physics" by Michio Kaku, i budged into the topic on ROBOTS and came to know of a legendary guy named "Allen Turing", one of the greatest scientist of all time and a pioneer in conceptualizing the funda of how computer works and the intricacies involved. Allen invented a "bombe" decoder to decipher the encrypted signals sent by the Nazi's "Enigma" computer during World War II. He was the mastermind behind the success of America in the war. but soon after the war, Allen was found victim for cases of homosexuality and his home was even burglarized. the humiliation aggravated his pain. So one day he decided to end his life by committing suicide. He took an apple and injected it with cyanide and as soon as he ate the first bite, the legendary scientist collapsed.

in order to commemorate the greatest men on earth, Apple Corp declared the logo of their company to be of the same apple that Allen ate in his last supper with the bite on the right of the apple.

So this is how the very omnipotent, the very famous "Apple" symbol came into existence.

and with this, you guys are I.Q'd. chow for now. see you next time with more trivial unexplored facts from history and otherwise.

Wednesday, October 1


Joe's Dad was an alcoholic,
he hated Joe the most.
And his step mom,
Never gave him, a "love-toast".

Dad’s thrashing and mom’s rebuke,
made Joe suffer with pain,
But the day he cried,
it always rained!!!

Joe was aggressive,
He took to drug.
marijauna, cocaine smoking all around,
he lost the meaning of HUG.

One dark night, Joe got a gun,
and his hands were wet.
he lifted the metal,
and the trigger was set.

the barrel powered, bang,
a sudden sound of thud,
and Dad laid around,
in a pool of blood.

The whore cried,
And hit the floor,
Joe dropped the barrel,
it slammed the floor.

The cops were called,
He never gave an escape stive.
the only thing he testified,
"I never wanted My dad alive".

On D-day,
before the rope was pulled,
Joe was without pain.
Finally a last drop tripped off his eyes,
and there was no rain.

Tuesday, September 30

Xero 2 Hybrid Theory 2 Linkin Park

Listening to the song, "Remember the Name" by "Fort Minor" for the nth time prompted me to google about the band and it's members. and here I publish the mini research i did about the band and its crew.

"Fort Minor" was a project started by Mike Shinoda in 2005.

Mike is an active member of the band Linkin Park. He along with Brad and Rob (all high school pass-outs) started a band named Xero. Frequent tensions and struggling initial days, deprived the band from its first initial success.

A new life was infused when Jeff Blue, David, Joe and Chester joined the band. The band changed their name from Xero to HYBRID THEORY and finally to LINKIN PARK. Mike said the name is kept as LP inorder to pay homeage to Santa Monica's Lincoln Park.

LP launched it's first album with it's former name, "Hybrid Theory" in 1999 with songs "In The End", "Papercut" etc. which became a runaway hit and rest is history.

And before i forget, thank you Kavitha for making me listen this song "Remember the name".

So, you got Eye-Queued (I.Q.'d)

Friday, September 19

When Murphy Visited IT

Many times we come across instances when something wrong is about to happen, and no matter how hard we try, none can stop it from happening. This mere statement defines what is known as the Murphy’s Law.
The technical definition of the law says, “if anything can go wrong, it will" or "If there's more than one possible outcome of a job or task, and one of those outcomes will result in disaster or an undesirable consequence, then somebody will do it that way".
Well, I would never buy this theory till I experience it. In fact, seeing the kind of developments that took place in the premises I work, not only convinced but enlightened me to accept the fact that protocols’ are not confined to the books but has practicality in real life instances too. Guys do not take it on the serious note as am just trying to put up situations wherein if given a chance, this law will be nominated as winner for most of the real life scenarios.
Here, I present to you some of the inexperienced but well understood (assorted) facts about our offices’ work culture based on this law:

- If the boss says, am giving you the promotion; Understand it, it’s a caveat, more of a caution then a thing of joy. The promotion is a signal for all the wrong you are about to face and no matter how much you try to escape, you’ll still find the earth moving away from your feet.
If Murphy would have been alive today (if there was any), the law would sound like, “if promotion will be one of the outcome, then the boss will give away all his work to you and will relax to take the credit for the work you accomplished.”

- If the boss says, am giving you the salary hike; mind it, he actually means the provident funds and arrears to which you are already entitled to and give it back to you.

- If the boss says I foresee a new project in a month or so; do not believe him as the month he talk about has more then 365 days in it.

- If the boss says the market is down without looking into your eyes; understand the meaning of the statement as he’s expecting layoffs for few employees.

- If the boss says recruitment is going good; please check the surveys, the hidden meaning is nobody’s interested in joining the company.

- If the boss says, we are in profits; the ‘we’ actually means ‘he’ is in profit.

- If the boss asks why are you on bench (business wait) and without work? Understand the statement as it’s a nail in the coffin. He actually means what the heck u r doing in this company?

- If someday you don’t come to office and your boss finds out that, well, don’t expect anymore worse to happen as it is already the worst that can happen.

- If you are ask your boss for the leave approval and he accepts it; do not feel good for the kind hearted gesture he showed, actually he wants you to work on double shifts to compensate for the vacations you plan to take.

Well, these are some of the facts, more of judgments I figured best describes the law in our work environment. Some of them may not fit perfectly to the definition, but as I said, everything drafted here is more of personalized then generalized opinion.

If you guys have anything more to add on this, all thoughts and reflections are welcome.

Thursday, September 18

A Wednesday, Tahaan, Aamir, Rock ON Review

The Bollywood Industry has certainly come of age this year. I won’t call it as the Indian cinema as we have multiple film industries running within the country. But, personally speaking, the drought has come to an end with movies like ‘a Wednesday’, ‘Tahaan’, ‘Aamir’ and the biggest blockbuster of the year ‘Rock On’ making mark this September, all thanks to the prodigal/veteran actors and directors.
Movies like Jodha Akbar did its best to rock the box office when the year started. Irrespective of the talented team of Hrithik Roshan, Ashutosh Gowaritkar and Aishwarya Rai, the movie hit itself with the face on the ground. This was enough to fire the recession in Hindi cinema. Hollywood blockbusters and regional movies shot SOS to save the box office. Even a movie buff like me began to lose interest in Hindi movies and took to more creative world of gaming and reading.

Few good clicks and right moves not only moved the movie sensex rocketing sky high in the second half of the year, even I decided to abruptly end this so called cold war with the movies.

So, it turned out a visual treat for me. Here I’m with 4 latest movie reviews from Bollywood which hooked me back to the screen and will definitely hook you too.

Rock On: Alias ‘DIl Chahta Hai – With GUTIARS’. Full marks to Abhishek Kapoor (the director of the movie), Farhan Akhtar (for his acting and singing), Arjun Rampal – for the stunning killer looks and the guy can act too; Purab and Luke Kenny.
You’ve heard Pink Floyd; you’ve loved Iron Maiden, now plug this new Indian rock music in your ears and let the music rule.
If you are a guy like me who love to hit the floor with head bangs and foot stampings, here’s one Indian flick with a complete western makeover ‘Rock On’, India’s first rock movie for you. What should I say about this movie, am speechless, this movie tops all the countdowns, all chartbusters and is rated as best rock movies ever made in the history. Farhan’s singing ‘Sindabad the Sailor’ and other songs left every jaw touch the grounds and made every same insane. Whether it’s the theme or the acting or the music, everything ruled my senses. Passion for rock music and the idea to live your dream made every movie goers watch this movie not twice but thrice. The urban director Farhan took to acting and the struggling actor Abhishek took to direction. The movie simply rocked and I added it to the playlists of greatest rock music makers of this century. My take of the movie 10/10.

A Wednesday: Very rarely on earth you get to see a show which has veteran protagonists like Anupam Kher and Naseeruddin Shah sharing thoughts on one platform together (definitely, a deadly combination like that of Morgan Freeman and Sean Connery together). It’s like icing on the cake. My main idea to watch this movie was to see who outperforms others in it. The truth is just another CLASSIC from the duo. A must watch. It comes up with something that was never told in the history of Indian cinema before as to what happens one Wednesday between 2 to 6’ afternoon. This movie definitely says newbie directors like Neeraj Pandey can even make projects like ‘a Wednesday’. My take is 9/10.

Tahaan: Definitely, a movie made for the children with the subject not at all childish. Tahaan, for me, was an exception from the mainstream cinema, a kind of intelligent work from the usual cinema. I was not expecting much from the movie but on a friend’s advice went for it and came out wandering how big and open in ideas our Hindi cinema has turned out to be.
Story of a boy named ‘Tahaan’ who happens to end up with a grenade in his hand while searching for his lost donkey. A child’s desire to give services on his donkey to finally land up with a bomb in his kitty is a mature subject as per to me. Awesome direction. My take 8/10.

Aamir: I knew I’d gambled when I took the risk of watching a movie which had 2 new profiles put together to convince the viewers. The probability of hitting it big was one out of ten. But Rajeev Khandelwal and Amit Trivedi broke the jinx with the movie ‘Aamir’. They did it and did it in style. A story about a NRI guy who faces the assault, the humiliation because of the name he carried and finally ends in the vicious circle of terrorism and giving up his life as a human bomb to save the public in the bus. Truly a masterpiece. A must watch and listen to few of the songs of it like ‘allah hu hafiz’, the movie just rocked. I would take it as 1 big hit of the year. Rajeev has proved his mettle not only to act on small screen but to play serious roles on big screen too. If you haven’t watched it till now, do not prolong
your feast further, go grab it. My take 9/10.

Looking forward to review movies like ‘ghajjini’, ’golmaal returns’ and ’drona’ as am expecting a lot from them before this year comes to an end.

Tuesday, September 16


When there is love in the air,
When the peace perfumes everywhere,
He raises the bomb and blasts a place,
And the rests sees the dead with a reddish stare.
When the trust begin to develop,
And the vibe is up,
When the friendship bond is on the verge to strengthen,
It becomes too much for him to resist,
He open fires and spreads the message of enmity through the weapon.
The congenial atmosphere becomes too hard for him to accept,
He loads his gun with vengeance in eyes,
Leaves none and crushes every innocent soul to death.
When he see people worshipping a particular religion,
He kills the god's men in name of holy war as the reason.
He likes to spread hate,
He loves to see the dead.
He enjoys giving all a painful fate,
And prays for his folks safety and blood for the rest ahead.
He has no feelings to hug or touch a soul,
Terror in people's eye is his only goal.
One will not find 'humanity' and 'wisdom' in his dictionary,
The book starts with words like 'sadness' and ends with ubiquitous 'misery'.
He, whosoever is he?
Try as much he possibly can,
But, will never be able to break away this spirit of the COMMON MAN.

P.S: This poem is written with no intentions to hurt anyone's feelings. Everything mentioned in this poem is just a message for the common reader. i wrote this poem out of the bomb blasts happened in delhi, Ahemedabad and Mumbai. i pray to god to bring all those souls who died in blasts to REST IN PEACE.

Monday, September 15

The Butterfly Effecting Our Jobs

Fidel Castro once mentioned, ‘if Olympics have any assassination events, I’ll be a leading gold medalist’.
Well, Mr. Castro, none can deny this statement and all the hardships you’ve gone through and your face-to-face un-serendipitous moments with DEATH. The situation has turned out somewhat similar in today’s IT life too. The only difference is here you are not fired from life but from well secured jobs. Living a life without a job today is considered next to being a zombie. No day passes by when the techies don’t check the newspapers, emails with frozen eyes searching if there is any news in reference to the sacking of the employees done by the employer. These mental harassments not only add to the trauma but aggravate the pain enough to imbalance the mental equilibrium. So no doubt, Mr. Castro, if there’s been any event for being the victim to these every minute tortures, each of us geeks would be the leading gold medalists.
I would call it as the butterfly’s effect in place. Now, the butterfly theory says, ’flap of a butterfly at one location can cause unexpected, unwanted changes in the future in some other location’. The unending slowdown in the US economy is been more of the flutter of the butterfly’s wings which has not only caused mental (and otherwise) havoc but has even made employees vulnerable to insecure jobs in India.
Everyday we move out of our apartments with a thing in mind urging god to abort the recession in the market and secure our hard earned jobs to work in a healthy environment. I sometimes wonder, how good it would have been if there was an insurance policy to secure the jobs even.
Today, the same IT companies which once welcomed us as part of their families during convocations, now shows us their back. Life as a literate labor has turned out more then a thing of survival. As it says, only the fittest will survive and the rest will fall. I foresee, most of us falling then surviving. The ridiculed business waits, we call as ‘BENCH’ has been a big road block in our path of growth. And now it seems as if there’s no halt to this unending painful period for most of the unlucky ones. Most of the guys on bench are asked to attend offices for full nine hours irrespective of that fact that only 3 out of every 5 employees are allotted work stations and rest are absconding within or outside the premises. You meet a fellow geek and feel insecure with the trend resident in your company and gives sarcastic views for its counterparts job security.
The firing axe looms at top of our heads waits for the orders from big honchos to trigger its love for the gravity right through the employee’s neck. The sleeping recession giant is awake and galloping everything. The picture is grotesque. A helpless techie can only pray for this bad phase to end soon and jobs intact with minimum layoffs. Amen!!!

Tuesday, September 2

Pink Anderson+Floyd Council = Pink Floyd

Hey am i sounding greek guys. Well, here's a fact for you all to digest. the band PINK FLOYD has no member with the name Pink Floyd. Infact, Syd Berrett (The Creator of the band) was searching for some name for the band and that's when he found the two blues guitarist's names mentioned on the cover page of Blind Boy Fuller as Pink Anderson and Floyd Council. So he merged the names and came out with PINK FLOYD band as we know it today.

Before this name, the band was famously known as Sigma 6 followed by The Meggadeaths and then The Tea-Set finally followed by Pink Floyd.

So, you got Eye-Queued (I.Q.'d)

Monday, August 25

The Kerala Expedition - The final Chapter

So I’ve reached the final chapter of our journey.
We knew it was our last day here in Munnar, so, everybody woke up late to get ready. Nothing new to discover except the hill view of Munnar, we went ahead for the breakfast in a nearby restaurant. The place was overloaded with visitors so we had to wait in queue for our turn to roll. Consuming idly sambar dosa was always a tuff task for me. Saugata, sanket and jaggu had all their fingers soaked with sambar, and why not, they were enjoying the meals. A quick breakfast and we moved ahead for the view of the hill station.
The cab drove uphill and it was no doubt getting chilled every turn up the road. A small visit in the Munnar market followed with a view of few dams and the screaming point (This point was awesome as we all (including Vineet a.k.a jaggu) screamed in unison “JAGGU”. The sound echoed and hit every rock present there. We laughed and rolled all over to experience this and left from the place).
The last place left to visit was now the Top Station, nearly 34 kms. further up. So we marched our feet towards it. Once we reached the top, the first thing we experienced was that, the clouds were beneath us. We nearly touched the white flakes and took infinite snaps of the rare scenic beauty covered completely with white sheet of thick, moist clouds. Rare because you occasionally get a chance to visit such places. We missed our beer bottles in the hill. The heaven was below us. It started drizzling in there and Iris asked to revert back to Munnar before it darkens here coz of clouds and before the elephants block our way down. Guys, here’s a fact, do not make it very late leaving from the Top Station because elephants roll out on the muddy tracks and blocks the way very often.
The return journey went dead silent. Nobody spoke as each one of us could feel the nostalgia happening all over us. It took an hour for us to bag pack and vacate the hotel, and finally we drove off for Coimbatore. Now, Coimbatore from Munnar is 250 kms but it took us 5-6 hours approx. because of tortuous muddy tracks down the hill. The awesomely cool weather drifted away from us as we stepped bit by bit closer to the Coimbatore railway station. The moisture laden heat of Coimbatore was getting all over us. Iris dropped us on the station at around 6 in the evening. We thanked Iris for being such a great guide and driver for our journey and he left off after a while.
None of us knew that the best and the costliest part of the journey is about to hit us in Coimbatore. ‘The Chennai express’ was to arrive at the station at half past 10 in the night so we had around 4 hours to spend in Coimbatore with heavy luggage around. Now, we can’t move places with such a heavy luggage so I offered a suggestion to hit some bar nearby. I knew the best way to time pass, is to hangout in some bar plus enjoy the drinks there. We were lucky enough to have the H2O bar right opposite the station. After the common consensus we moved our tired butts to the bar. Alcohol flowed like water, beer bottles were uncorked, whisky rippled in glasses along with unlimited supply of add-ons. (For all dudes out there, a must visit bar for all those who just love the alcohol’s effect with UNLIMITED (it’s underlined…) snacks...oops, and one more fact, guys, alcohol in kerala (esp. Alleppy and Munnar) is pretty costly with 95% taxation. Better carry your own bottles along or add some more mint in your pockets to avoid road checks…lol). We spent some 2k cash till the clock struck quarter past 9 as we had nothing else to do, no place to go with such a heavy luggage. So we rested our butts at the same joint till it was time. With our lips imbued with nectar and steps playing snakes and ladders, we finally reached the place where our train was stationed for lifting the passengers. As we made ourselves comfortable, a couple chipped in and asked us to get up as it was their seat we occupied. Jaggu confronted on this and with a husky, vibratory sound asked the couple to check their tickets. The guy asked him to check his ticket and then do the talk. After a serious check, we found out that our ticket was booked for the next day’s train and not for tonight. Jaggu tore the ticket furiously and we all made our exit from the entry of the station. Nobody was interested in staying in Coimbatore for a day to catch the next day’s scheduled train.
Mithun Bhaiya suggested to take an over night bus for Chennai from the stand as early as possible. We agreed and ran for the bus stand. Last minutes check in the bus and we were finally on our way to Chennai. Each of us discussed in the down trodden bus how much we waited and spent for this scheduled train journey and everything went wrong. Beer’s effect was all gone and we regretted over the thought of spending 2k bucks in the bar waiting for something which was never there.
To this, there was some more icing on the cake left to be done, the over night bus journey turned out to be a full day journey as the bus touched the Chennai stand at 1 in the afternoon. We were dead by the time we reached our second hometown. Finally, took an auto and drove back home and rested for the whole day.
It was definitely a trip to remember and cherish for a long time. We all will surely miss the boat house, alleppy and Munnar hill stations, the beer bottles and the people there; in condensed terms, the whole of Kerala visited along with the last day’s final mess up happened in Coimbatore.


Friday, August 22

The Kerala Expedition Chapter 3

…So the Saga Continues…
We’ve made it to the third day of our excursion. Saturday’s early morning was gleaming brightly with soft cool breeze and light sunbeam permeating right into our cottage. Everyone was ready and upfront to explore the place further. We had around 100 more pics once everyone was ready. First thing we did was, we captured the cottage and its surroundings in our camera. A little search and we perched in a restaurant. The food was good, made out of coconut oil, frankly speaking, was not bad at all. The task on the list today was to cover the Periyar Wildlife sanctuary. We were excited to know that there’ll be rare bird species plus wild animals like elephants, lions, tigers, cheetah’s etc.. So the adventurous feel was all over us, especially Vineet a.k.a jaggu, who actually woke up everyone early in the morning to make it to the sanctuary in time. He didn’t wanted to miss neither a part of it. Neither us. Iris made it on time and our cab paced for the sanctuary after the breakfast.
After a little hassle over the ticket queue, as it was a long one (no doubt as hundred’s of tourists turn here to watch the place everyday), mithun bhaiya and sanket finally managed to buy 6 tickets. Man, the crowd there was amazing, especially the foreigners. The whole world seemed to have come up at one place to enjoy god’s hometown on earth. We were truly in love with Kerala. All of us sat at the corner rock, the place where the boats anchored. After a wait for around an hour, we got a miniscule glimpse of the boat that was suppose to carry hundred’s of people. We sat in pairs as we sit in our state run buses. The boat was as dull as it can be. Quarter of an hour was spent in reaching the place that was aupposed to be densely populated with wild animals. But, to our dismay, we didn’t find even one. Most of the snaps clicked constituted the forests, vegetation and the water running below us. Not even a wild canine was in there. Everyone was trashed. I wandered, our room was way better then this wildlife place as we had beasts like jaggu, Sehgal and me in there. Rest of us ridiculed jaggu for being our domestic elephant (seeing his size) on an excursion to Periyar to find his long lost siblings. After the complete round trip we finally reached the point where we started our expedition. I would say that the wildlife idea was a complete waste as we spent around 4 hours in there without even an iota of look for wild species. We moved and kept moving till we are out of the Periyar boundaries and nobody bothered to looked behind. Iris saw our sad faces and read what was next on the chart. It was an elephant ride. Hooray! But as we reached there, we were almost dumbstruck to know the prices for the ride. Per person they were charging 350 bucks for a 15 min ride. Our jaggu was far better then the elephant as he could have kept us on his back for full day in 350 bucks. No jokes guys. Anyways, we moved on and headed for Munnar. In the middle of our journey, we came accross few waterfalls so we halted at one of them which had the maximum crowd. We jumped out of the cab and raced towards the falling water to have some blurry snaps. White frozen air exhaled gave full competition to the cigarette puffs. The jackets were out. We did found some hot chicks in there enjoying. Further we swayed and finally reached to the 3 star hotel booked for us in Munnar. The dusk had already given way for the night to follow. A quick unpacking and we were on the Munnar roads searching for some eating joints. Unexpectedly, found a gujrati restaurant in the hills. A light dinner and we were back in the room. Sehgal, jaggu and sanket watched “Zamaane ko dikhana hai”, an old classic, on the idiot box and I, mithun bhaiya and saugata enjoyed the views from the balcony of our hotel (our rooms were on the fourth floor so we could see the entire city from there). The clock was about to touch 1 and that’s when we decided to lie on bed and sleep to take some rest. So, this way the third day ended on a much plainer note. And, eventually, the night gave way for the final and fourth day’s dawn.

Pics of the Kerala Trip

Wednesday, August 20

India Glorious Vijender Kumar

Vijender you rocked in the Beijing olympics quarter finals....now go beat the opponent....CHAMP....and make it to the finals......to earn 1 more gold for india....

Go India Go!!!!!

India Glorious Sushil Kumar

Go India Go !!!

Chek De India!!!

The Kerala Expedition - Chapter 2

...Friday morning, we were back from the land of water, I mean, the boat house in Alleppy and headed for the cottage reserved for us in thekkeri. Everyone was excited because of the start we got for the journey and had eyes glowing with the idea of staying in a cottage in a new place. But before we reach the cottage in thekkeri, en route we visited a waterfall where our very dear Sehgal a.k.a sumit slipped on a wet rock and had a small bruise over his left arm. If Vineet had not saved sehgal’s life then Sehgal would not have been with us today. Thanks Vineet a.k.a jaggu. Although Vineet felt a bit humiliated saving sehgal’s life because all the girls standing there were laughing at us after the sehgal’s fall from the rock, but he didn’t miss the chance to remind Sehgal about the favor he’s done for him by saving his life. Rest of us were repenting throughout the journey for the fact that why did jaggu save sehgal’s life. Anyways, after seeing the waterfall we moved ahead and stopped at a biological garden in the hilly area. Frankly, the road to the top of the station was pretty hilly, curvy, wavy and dangerous.
In the biological garden, the guide charged us 50 per head to show the entire garden full of rare medicinal plants species. Vineet asked for his favorite tree of daal chinni, and kept taking the flame test about the plants to test the guide’s I.Q. From there we moved ahead for the cottage, the dusk was almost set-in, so we decided to have our dinner first and then move towards the cottage. At the dinner table in a south Indian Punjabi restaurant, all of us ordered for the tomato soup initially. Sanket’s soup had a dead fly in it which was enough to trigger the anger in jaggu. He called the waiter and asked him about the soup. The waiter, a small Hindi guy, said,’kabhi kabhi ho jaata hai sir, makhi aa jaati hai (it happens sometime sir, the fly comes in food sometime)’. We were surprised to hear that and all of us charged on him like anything after listening to this statement. Jaggu was pretty excited and was scolding the guy like anything. The waiter later on said, ‘sir, you want to have here, you have, otherwise, you leave, I’ll cancel the order’. Knowing the fact that we are already late and the market closes at 9 in the evening, jaggu immediately geared a new expression on his face and said to the waiter, ‘brother, kabhi kabhi makhi aa jaati hai, fir kya ho gaya (sometimes, it happens with the food, so no big deal)’. Rest of us gave an odd look to jaggu signaling this was the same statement which the waiter made and we were boiling, charging on him, how dare he said like this to us. But now nothing can be done, jaggu had already said the same. We finished our dinner and moved to the much awaited cottage. Everybody unpacked their stuff and had a look of the cottage. It was again an amazing experience to be there. It was freezing out but it was warm and cozy inside. This way the Friday came to an end as we all doze off for the night’s sleep...

Pics of the Kerala Trip

Tuesday, August 19

The Kerala Expedition - Chapter 1

After a month's planning, we guys decided to rock our feet for Alleppy and Munnar this august. Sehgal initiated the idea and Mithun did the organizing part of the trip. Me, Sehgal a.k.a Sumit, Vineet a.k.a jaggu, sanket, Mithun Bhaiya and saugata started our journey Wednesday evening at 1900 hours. Late from the usual office work, we were already running behind schedule as the train’s departure was around half past ten and we had 3 hours only for making it to the starting point of our journey along with yet-to-be-done dinner, check-in and the most important of all bag packs. After a last minute mailing to the reporting managers about our leave plans and catching autos to the dinner tables in the railway restaurant and shifting trains, we finally made ourselves comfortable in the compartment of Alleppy Express.
The Doppler’s effect soon dried up as we left the station and our train took off for Ernakulum junction. Spending night in a sleeper class and that too with minimum 2 persons on 1 seat turned out a nightmare for all of us. Nobody slept but acted as if I had the best sleeps of our lives in that compartment. Thursday morning we trespassed pannukam followed by thissur. The journey already turned out to be a hectic one after the last night stand in the train. But everyone was excited about the boat house and the hill side view we were suppose to experience in Alleppy and munnar. So, the pain just dried up.
We reached the junction at 09:30 morning and Iris(the travel agent Alex’s driver) was there to welcome and escort us back to the cottage in Toyota travera. None of us expected a royal treatment like this (no doubt we all paid a lot for the trip), but, it was fun. There was no pain as we relaxed our butts in the cab with "TZP" running on the LCD in the cab. After the morning ablutions, Iris took us to the place we never imagined to be; “THE BOATHOUSE”. The scenic beauty of the place, the hill side view, the boat house, everything was out of the world. Our boat house named kingfisher arrived in no time. It was a luxurious mini titanic in itself with 2 rooms and attached bathroom, a hall, kitchen with a hall on the top. The boat was less a boat but more of an apartment. Our jaws touched grounds on seeing the wooden beauty. We hopped inn and took off for the journey of our lives, a full day & night hangout on water in Alleppy on a boat house. There were butterflies flying in our stomach. The idea of it just made us go gaga. We tugged our bags with last minute eatables and antiquity whisky with kingfisher beer in stock before risking at the thought of running-out and looking for a refill in the mid of the stagnant sea. Everything was loaded, the beer bottles enough to roll all over the entire boat and too many DVD’s in the case to carry out the night stand.
After a mild fresh up, we relaxed, enjoying the view and other boats floating nearby on the water and spoke about this experience. The first time joy of being in a boat house, the excitement of seeing something we always watched on idiot box, left us all ruffled. The whisky's effect was set-in and everyone enjoyed it with snacks. Afternoon in the boat house was more of a lovely evening one feels like spending with girl friend, only 2 of them on board with whisky glass in hand oozing cheers from the mouth and talking only romance. A perfect place for couples to be. But the saddest part of our story is--- [THERE WAS NO GIRL] :(:(:(. All of us gave a look of “what on earth you are doing on my boat???”, as if, the boat was booked only for each one of us along with our girl’s around. But all bachelors on board was fun too. After a heavy lunch, we relaxed on the roof and waved travelers on other boats. i imagined myself to be Jack Sparrow- the pirate, on a prowl to hunt some beauty on water. Guys, if u’ve been to south India and didn’t explored this amazing small house on water, then you really are missing something. The evening was spent drinking and taking snaps all around whatever we can catch hold in our cam’s eye. The sun never showed up throughout the day and it was turning out to be black in the evening. The lights were on. The view was awesome. If one had a top view look, the boat will appear as fireflies swimming in water. The light was glittering as the waves in the water shook the boats like a to-and-fro pendulum. The dinner was ready, Rock songs played on tube and heavy thundering around, it turned out a Kodak moment for all of us.
Man, Kerala’s food was amazing. After the dinner, we sat around with cool breeze flowing all over, droplets of rain in water and around the boat, beer’s in our hand, we loved every moment. The bantering went till 4 in the morning. Empty bottles were rolling on the floor and we woke up around 8 dawn and after the fresh up, took some more pics and headed for the point where we started our boat journey. Finally back, we missed the life on water like anything. We imagined if this would have been our permanent stay on boat, calm and serene life far off from a regular city’s hectic life. But, there’s an adage, “happiness is not forever”. We stepped out of the boat to the place where Iris was waiting for us to carry out our Friday’s exploration of the natural beauty. We knew there's lot more to come ahead, so we all drove into the car for our next station.
The first chapter, the first day of our expedition finally came to a close with the boat house journey. We guys were already in love with Kerala (God’s Own Country)...

Pics of the Kerala Trip

Monday, August 11

India Glorious Abhinav Bindra

Thanks Abhinav Bindra for conquering the Gold Everest. God Bless you. You made the entire nation proud. India winning gold medal at Beijing Olympics 2008.

Friday, August 8

Dude!!! Where’s the mobile??

As usual a boring Friday evening, surfing 3 hours long on the laptop, decided to hit the recently opened gym in my society before the laptop runs out of fuel. I took vineet and sanket along for the company. The weather was unexpectedly cool and showed signs of showers. As usual, the gym thing was not much popular among the majority families and we found none walking or doing some aerobics in the house. I kept my mobile and wallet separate on the desk and decided to hit the treadmill for some 15-20 minutes jog. Sanket and vineet were busy with their shaping chest and cycling respectively. The music was on with "jaddon tak nachengi mein vaari jaava note tera jije da hai dil dariya saaliya" song being played on vineet's mobile. Guys, it's a Punjabi number. After 20 boring minutes, a hot babe entered the gym and found the treadmill occupied, so, she only did her weight check (which I expected was never needed) and left the room. We 3 guys were dumb stuck and our jaws had fallen on to the floor seeing that rare beauty. Vinnet gave me a half smile signaling a thakyou for bringing him to the gym. I imagined being so very unlucky to have not had any conversation with the lady before she leaves the room. Same was going in my buddy's mind too. And after 5 minutes it was as usual boring when she's left the room. this time vineet offered me a plastic smile signaling as if I was responsible for the boredom with an add-on of not anyone amongst us saying a "hi" to the lady. I ignored him and concentrated back on to my running. Gosh, the machine was beeping 23 minutes run. I was surprised. After 2 more minutes I stepped out from the treadmill and check for any calls on my mobile. As I reached the table, I was in a total shock seeing the scratches on my device and I knew it must be either of them to spoil it while I was running on the treadmill. The screen was even trashed when I opened the flap of my moto razr v3i. Seeing this I was completely heart broken but after a short investigation found that, that was not my mobile. I kept it on to the same desk and shouted towards Sanket, "Dude!!! Where’s the mobile???” Sanket busy in his push-ups prompted back, “Dude!!! It’s lying the same place you kept it last....” "Dude, it’s not there...” came the call from Vineet.”Dude, I guess the lady took yours and kept hers, the mobiles got exchanged Dude", sanket answered. "Damn", was my reaction. I ran out of the room to see if I can find her anywhere but in vain. I came back and decided to call at my number. "It's ringing...” I flabbergasted. First try, nobody picked up the call. Second try somebody hung up. I was in full position to blame Sanket and Vineet for not taking care of the thing. After few more minutes, I decided to make a last call at my number. Somebody picked up the call. Lucky me, it was the same lady who entered in the gym 15 minutes back. Before I uttered a word of "hello", a voice came from the other side, "look, it happened by mistake, am so sorry". "Wow", it was a sigh of relief for me coz I got my gadget back and plus a chance to speak to the lovely lady. It started raining in no time and I was all wet outside the gym. Softly I replied back to her, “its ok. (After a long pause, not because I was angry but I didn't had any words to say after listening to the voice) hey, that's my mobile I guess with you. It must have come by mistake. No issues at all, but can you please come down here in the gym so that we can exchange the mobiles again." She was apprehensive in coming out as it was raining heavy. I gave her the second option of telling me the flat number so that I can come to her doorstep if it's not possible for her to step out. She asked me to stand in the parking area of F block building. I asked my roomies to join me to the f building and to my surprise, they were expecting the same to come from my mouth. Nobody wanted to miss the chance of meeting her. While we made our way to the building, I remembered that the wallpaper on my mobile was of some model in bikinis...man, i said it to myself,"U blewed it dude!!!". I decided to not to go and asked sanket to take it on my behalf. But the 2 of them were smart enough to take out their mobiles and started talking on the deadlines with none on the phone. I was helpless. Blood rushed in the brain carrying all sorts of questions about what she must be thinking after seeing the pic on the wallpaper. I prayed to god for not letting her see my mobile's memory card (I hope guys understood why I prayed). She was standing in the parking area and saw me taking the lead amongst us 3 stooges. She raised her hand and gave me my mobile with a half smile and said sorry. Before I could say anything, she turned and started walking on the other side. Damn, she didn't even tell her name. We came back to the flat with both of them chiding me for my failure to ask the name. Anyway, it was a fun filled evening for 3 of us. I narrated the entire story to prabhjot and he jumped from his seat and asked me, "Dude!!! What was her name???”

Wednesday, July 9

When She’s Not Around

I met her in college,
knew she'll be the one.
she was the dearest friend I had,
every moment spent with her was fun.
now, when she's not around,
I remember every moment,
I cherish all the days gone,
the only thing I hate now,
is this feeling of being alone.
the college lanes, we walked holding hands,
and the labs we shared,
now when she's not around, I see,
the lane is there and the lab too,
but missing is the couple paired.
the chocolates, the ice creams we ate and the roses we exchanged.
the unending secrets we kept hidden from the world, as, it was only love that we cared.
now, when she's not around,
the secrets are gone and the roses are dire dead,
with the one-sided love feeling left all over,
I recall the past instead of looking ahead.

the rides on the bike we had,
the rains we danced,
the furtive late night conversations on phone,
now has become a thing of past.
she's forgotten the days I held her face in my hands,
I promised her I’ll be like this till my life ends.
now, when she's not around,
she's forgotten the love I had for her,
the only thing she remembers now is...that “I was just a friend”.
I miss the lovely eyes she had and miss her glowing face.
now, when she's not around,
the void of her absence, is the only thing I brace.

Monday, June 30

My 5ive

here i enlist my favourite five's i adore doing most in my idle time, what turns me ON...in various categories and why are they so special to me.

5 Bands: 5 rock bands i love listening the most.
1. Metallica

The god of all bands. Metallica is one sole reason i took on to listening rock. the first song i loved from this band was 'Nothing else Matters' sung by James Hetfield. i went gaga after listening it. Metallica produces just the right kind of ensembling vibrations from the guitar which results in delivering a classic masterpiece.
2. Nirvana
If you are familiar with 'Smells Like a teen Spirit' and 'Rape
Me' and 'The Man Who Sold The World', then these quotes may not sound greek to your ears. Curt Cobain does it and he does it in style.
May his soul rest in peace. guyz, who hasn't tasted his music till now, you definitely are missing something in life.

3. Pink Floyd
God's incarnation..manifestaton in the form of 'Pink Floyd'..on this earth to bless the isolated creature.Listen to 'Another Brick In the Wall', 'Comfortably Numb', 'Hey You', 'Money', 'Sheep'...hey, the list is unending..but you definitely will go agog with excitement and infinite reverence for this musical group.

4. LP
Ever wondered a band which had members under 20 years of age, started their own punk rock group and became a rage amongst others. that's what is Linkin Park all about. Guyz, give a click to some of their songs like 'In The End', 'Numb', 'Crawling', 'Point Of Authourity' and 'Encore', you'll go crazy. definitely, my wordings for them will act as mere understatements.

5. Iron Maiden
Although i haven't heard much of their music, but songs like 'Futureeal', 'The Trooper', 'The Wicker Man' along with 'Fear of the Dark', 'Wasted Years' made me one of the biggest fans of this band. Truly, A solitary salvation.

5 Websites:5 websites i make sure i visit daily.
1. Wikipedia
The best search engine after google. Gives a deep insight on almost everything. a must visit link for a student. One can definitely carry out the necessary reseach through this webpage.

2. Orkut
Facebook is fast catching up and might overcome orkut but my heart is still with orkut only as it is one webpage to scrap, make new frienz and search for different communities.

3. Hotmail
What more to expect other then your normal mailbox. here you are. hotmail is here to provide you with blog and skydrive option wherein you can upload data(no size limit) and download other users data with 5GB spacelimit absolutely free. hotmail simply rocks.

4. Gmail
Gmail has become more of a mail check box for me now. the oldest and the best mail links i use it till today.

5. Blogger
Aah. here you are. if you are bugged with the blogging thing, you wont find any better way to start your blogging without registering at this site. if you want to blog and you are not here then you really are missing something. Come on grab on it now!!!

5 Beers i love to consume:
1. Budweiser
2. Kingfisher
3. Haywards 5000
4. Cobra

5 All time favourite Hindi Songs (albums):
1. O sanam by Lucky Ali
All time hits of Lucky Ali i love listening to. Sunoh had a slow start when it was released but later, rocketed so well, that it was on indian billboard for many weeks, infact months.
2. Dooba Dooba by Silk Route
A very romantic song picturised in water with flute being played under water.
3. Tanha Dil by Shaan
Awesome vocals, great voice and lovely picturisation. hats of to you Shaan.
4. Aadat by Atif Aslam
It was more of addiction, less of song. one point of time i could not stand without its music and atif's voice. Atif rocked in this album.
5. Aur Aahista by Pankaj Udhaas
A sweet, young and very lively, romantic creation by Pankaj Udhaas. Check out Sameera Reddy in this song.

5 All time favourite Hindi Songs (Moviez):
1. Jaaneja Dhoondhta Fir raha from Jawani Diwani
A classic from not so Classy film, jawani diwani.
2. Allah Hoo from Khuda Ke Liye
Hey, if u've heard this song, then you know why is it on my list. Just 2 words for it. "Simply Best".
3. Ya Ali from Gangster
Memories of my taining in Satyam are very closely related to this song. No matter what it was, but this song was in play mode most of the time.
4. Rooth Kar Humse Kahin from JJWS
Everytime i listen to this song, i feel like coming more closer to my brothers.
5. Ik Pal Ka jeena from KNPH
Lucky ali again along with Hrithik Roshan. it's like icing on the cake.

5 All time favourite English Songs:
1. Nothing Else Matters by Metallica
2. Knock Knock Knocking On Heaven's Door by Avril Lavigne
3. It's My Life by Jon Bon Jovi
4. American Pie by Madonna
5. Another Brick In The Wall by Pink Floyd

5 All time favourite Punjabi Songs:
1. Bandeya from Khuda Ke Liye
2. Mauja Hi Mauja from JWM
3. Challa by Gurdaas Mann
4. Ranjha by Bally Jagpal
5. Pichley Janam Di by Bally Jagpal

5 favourite TV Shows aired on Doordarshan:
1. Ramayan
2. Byomkesh Bakshi
3. Tehkikat
4. Fatichar
5. Chandarkanta/Stone Boy

5 favourite Cartoon aired on Doordarshan:
1. Duck Tales
2. Talespin
3. Potli Baba Ki
4. Aladin

5 favourite TV shows:
1. Different Strokes
2. Small Wonder
3. Silver Spoons
4. The 3 Stooges
5. KBC

5 favourite Horror Shows:
1. Woh
Has anyone got the dvd's of this serial. it was aired longback on Zee tv. i remember Ashutosh Gowaritkar as one of the characters in the show.
2. Aahat
3. Ajeeb Dastaan

5 favourite Hindi Movies:
3. MPK
4. Swades
5. Lagaan/RDB/DCH

5 favourite English Movies:
1. Serendipity/Sweet November/Lake House
2. Matrix Series
3. Lord Of The Ring Series/Harry Potter Series
4. Paycheck
5. Identity

5 favourite songs download sites:
here you can freely download songs without any login creations.
1. Cooltoad.com
2. Muskurahat.com
3. funatoz.com
4. youtube.com
5. desishark.com

5 things i love doing:
1. sleeping
2. listening music
3. being at home
4. surfing
5. reading and blogging

5 things i hate doing:
1. working in-an-out
2. waiting for someone
3. listening people
4. chatting
5. gossiping

5 favourite Hollywood stars (Male):
1. Tom Hanks
2. Tom Cruise
3. Keanu Reeves
4. John Cusack/Ben Affleck
5. Sean Connery

5 favourite Hollywood Stars (Female):
1. Drew Barrymore
2. Michelle Trachtenberg
3. Pamela Anderson
4. Cameroon Diaz
5. Paris Hilton

5 favourite Bollywood Stars (Male):
1. Hrithik Roshan
2. Amitabh Bachchan
3. Aamir Khan
4. Vinay Pathak
5. Anupam Kher

5 favourite Bollywood Stars (Female):
1. Madhuri Dixit
2. Meenakshi
3. Mahima Choudhary
4. Katrina Kaif

5 favourite Novels:
1. The Alchemist by Paulo Cohelo
2. The Next Accident by Joel Gardner
3. Dan Brown Series
4. Sidney Sheldon Series
5. Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less by Jeffery Archer

will keep adding more to it...

Monday, June 23

Hp Pavilion dv2713TU Review

What more to expect on your birthday when you know the gift you are about to receive is nothing less then a laptop. I was on a cloud nine after this news broke out. But the irony was, none other but me, myself, was planning to buy the machine as a surprise bday gift from quite a while. Not a bad idea, off course.
Anyways, I finally bought this HP pavilion dv 2713TU machine. Here I blog today, almost after a month, to take the readers through a quick review on the good/bad things about my machine.
I find people do a lot of research on net before making the final deal coz I did the same too, so, I thought of penning my views about this product before anyone plans to buy this notebook. Don’t take me wrong guys, nothing to demoralize all those who have fallen for this machine…but want you to go through this till the final word of this post is read and then decide. Well, everything on this page is written out of experience, so I hope, this information comes out handy for all. And, one more thing, all thoughts and reflections are welcome. All will be answered unbiased.
First query that comes in mind while planning to buy the notebook is: Should be a good brand, must have a fancy look, configuration should be all time best with enhanced features and should be available in the cheapest of price tags.
I purchased HP Pavilion dv 2713TU laptop from a dealer in Chennai. Guyz, this machine cost me 43k (approx. 1000$) with 160 GB HDD, 2 GB RAM, 14.1” screen and 1.73 GHz processor. I’ll put the pros and cons of this laptop through this post.

Pros: The best about this machine besides the ever-wanted configuration is:

· It has finger reader device on it (to beat lenovo’s face reader technology) and comes with Vista installed on it, giving the owner/administrator the full control of the machine.
· The fancy vista features are all loaded on this machine.
· Has a dual core processor – amongst the best you can expect on any machine. Can even try for core 2 duo processor…as it’ll be an added advantage with 1.83 GHz processor and is available in market too.
· A lot many accessories that come along with this model which includes a mouse, 2GB pen drive, ear phones and now HP laser inkjet printer available on the same model.
· Zero noise.
· It comes in shiny black color.

. And has Bluetooth, Webcam, WiFi on it.

Cons: These are some of the problems that I faced in my machine. Hope you don’t go through the same hurdles.

· Because of the finger reader device on this machine, you cannot put any other OS on this machine except Vista (which comes preloaded on the machine). For e.g.: you cannot load Xp on this machine. To load a new OS first you need to have a finger reader drive which will disable the finger reader option on the machine and then only the Vista can be replaced with a new OS.
I enquired about this finger reader drive from the HP customer care, Chennai and they asked me to enquire about the same from the dealer. (Friends, HP customer care is very rude most of the time and does not give a good service at all). I went to the dealer and they asked me to take the problem with the head office in Delhi. I still think I made a big mistake buying this finger reader machine on which I can’t even load an OS of my choice. Anyways, can’t even part from it now and have to work on Vista only.
· The battery backup of this machine is not good. Once charged completely, the battery does not lasts for more then 2.5 hours.
· Customer care or the dealer does not give the machine specific drivers’ and all drivers are not present on internet too.

· And, the keypad is not too user friendly.
These are some of the problems which I deal daily with my machine. I hope next time you go the dealer to buy the same product, please make sure that you get answered to all the problems I faced from my machine. I hope this post has come as a caution for you all.

Here am providing you the links from where all the drivers of Hp Pavilion dv2713 TU can be downloaded:

Windows Vista
Windows Vista (64 bit)
Windows Vista SP1
For installing the SATA driver refer : hp
All thoughts and reflections are welcome.

Friday, May 30

Gone In 60 Seconds

Man, it was Friday again, a day one waits since eons, one day in life of a techie to feel free from the entire official work, and sit and relax when you know the next two days will act as a facelift for you with no work pressure and no going back to the haunting IT mansions where one acts as a zombie banging heads in its artificial counterparts. I wonder why people call it as a freaky Friday, well, you ask an IT employee for whom rest all the other weekdays are much more freakier, torturous and darkest unending, undying nightmares. Friday at my place would generally mean a day to celebrate freedom, a day to booze with friends and a day to be nocturnal creatures partying all night to enjoy the next dawn’s sleep as divine as mortal grave.
As soon as I left from my workstation, it was already past 7’s dusk, I decided to give a pleasant visit to an old friend whom I was longing to meet for a while. Nothing can be more special then spending the Friday’s carnival night with a close friend and interact about your world to his’. On my way to his residence, I knew I would encounter many traffic signals. One of them was the cenotaph road’s signal which turned shining red ball on my way and in less then half kilometer's vicinity from the crossover, I bang-ed my foot on to the brakes of the bike. The engine almost went dead as the bike cruised from 75 to 0 in a split second and I was flabbergasting as insufficient air was pumped in my heart because of the furious nitro run that I was otherwise enjoying before barging onto the signal. The countdown began on the timer just next to the red light blinking 60, 59, 58, 57…….I decided to send a sms to the friend, while the light was shining dark red; saying that I’ll be at his place in less then half hour. So I had less then 60 seconds to bring my bike to neutral, take out the mobile and type a sms and send it across him. I still remembered, I was the fastest typist on any mobile during college times. Nokia, Sony or any mobile, I’ll not even see on the screen and in no time the message would be typed and sent. Wonder, if I would have taken up a job of taking dictation on mobile instead of the crawling life of IT. During our exam times, my gang in college will sms the answers to all objective questions to our mates within seconds. But, now it’s been more then two years since I left or rarely smsed to any of my friends, so, it was oblivious for me to vaguely remember the art of writing a mobile message. And that too, I had Motorola handset on which writing a message was quite an occasional task for me. The time on the signal was ticking...40, 39, 38…. The blood was rushing in veins and petrol in the engine of the bike, I immediately brought the bike to neutral and turned it off, took out the mobile and started typing. I knew I had to spare 10-15 seconds after sending the message to switch on the ignition and run. While I was typing the message, I could feel the rush hour of vehicles behind me waiting to bombard me with their annoying horns in no time. I fumbled a bit while searching for my friend’s name in the list, but, made it in few seconds. I thought if giving it a last read to the message before banging on the send option. The message read, “hey sumit, how r u doin, look, am on my way 2 ur place, wil be ther in 15 mins”. I finally clicked the send button and placed it back in my pocket. Then, I looked at the timer; it was still showing like 18 seconds to wait. Damn, I still not lost the touch of typing on a mobile. I felt victory but there was no competition or will call it as a race against time. I enjoyed that minute’s race. I turned the keys and drove off to my friend’s place once again at my bike’s top speed. I wonder as if... it was... desi version of the hit Hollywood buff, “gone in 60 seconds” in the making.

Friday, May 9

The Wonder Years Of Bicycling

Right from the day we stepped in this world, expropriating through the perambulatory days and marking the end of the teenage period, to finally kickoff the genesis of adulthood; life was fun for all of us as we did things to our own whims and fancies with least apprehensions, and if any there were, was taken care by our parents. I remember those non-confabulatory golden school days when we were young and vibrant and never cared for anything more then our own imaginary world of bright colors, friends, happiness and love & care all around. Those days, I remember, when my parents gifted me my first bicycle, the fond memory of it stumbled in front of me, tinkering a smile on my cheek. The happiness I had for having something very precious and dear to me, my bicycle, made me feel like as if I was on the cloud nine. The possessive nature and thinking n times before giving it to my siblings and friends added more precariousness within me. All of my friends would gather at some place and descant about the trendy bikes each one of us possessed and try to outshine the other. We would conduct bike races (thankfully inspired from the videogames we played) and expeditions of riding through not worthy roads to show the macho nature of our bikes. I remember one of my friend had gears on his bike which made us carp him and envy him throughout. Gals had their own ladybirds whereas guys would look for some heavy duty, Hercules bikes which gave a cool dude looks. School used to threaten in those days but the pleasure of riding on our machines and the charm of show-off to our school mates at off hours did a kind of remunerative job for us. Life as well as the royal road was as creamy and smooth as ice-cream when we hopped on our steely machines. The irk to make projectiles of water while trespassing the water filled puddles, thanks to the rainy season, drenched the fellow riders completely. The tube tyres added wings to our road flights. I miss the wonder years and becomes nostalgic sometimes when I remember about my first love and the fun I had over it during my childhood. A jiffy remembrance when it’s picture flickers in front of me today, made me pen it down in my blog. I miss it wholeheartedly, esp. the ride over it which I guess will now truly be recapitulated when my baby will ask for his first bike.

Thursday, May 8

We Dutched That Night..

It was the usual weekend we IT guys will have in our lives. Saturday was soon to be replaced with Sunday’s dawn. My room mates planned to spend the Saturday night in Velacherry where most of out batch-mates were residing. Well, it was more of frequent Saturday night carnivals for us to night-out at friend’s place and enjoy, gulping all the office and carrier worries down the throat by diluting it in whisky, beer etc. it was evening’s 8pm (no guys not talking about the brand ‘8PM’ but the time) and the party was already set in Velacherry. In this blog, I present to you some of the very generic excerpts that took the limelight always amongst me, saugata, sujeet, prabhjot, anshul, sanket, shailender, abhishek, muktesh and vipin. I hope I’ve not missed any of the names. Sorry if I did, guys, you know sometimes it becomes difficult for one to really come out of the eternal(no ridicule please) hangover set-in in those not-so-freaky abandoned mansions wherein mostly we remember more about our drinks and mushy chicken pieces but occasionally about the members present. This blog is not meant to hurt anyone’s feelings, so people sticking their eyes on it must not go into the deeper meaning of the excerpts and just let-it-go-off and enjoy the fun-doze. “Resemblance to all characters is purely coincidental and not fictitious”. Vipin, my room mate turns into a veteran actor, once he’s on a full throttle after gulping the entire bottle of whisky. He can act like anybody and lift-up the entire house with loads of laughter. But tonight I try to put in some of the all time hit dialogues of my very dear friends which have become a trademark for their characters. For a fellow blogger reading this article, might some of the quotes sound Latin or Greek, but sorry mate, full apologies for it, I hope you also have a nice time reading it. Some of the lines might be in Hindi, so I hope guys won’t face much problems going through it. Well, I’ve already come a long way boring you with the plot. Let’s hit the show.
As I’ve already mentioned it was Saturday’s 8pm and the house roaring in with all kinds of beasty noises from the characters mentioned above, guys freaking out with their handfuls with a leg piece and the mug of Budweiser or glass of royal challenge in the other one. TV was played but with least attention. It was a crazy moment as everyone discussed about what all is happening in the personal lives and how things are working for each one of them. Alcohol was gushing out of the bottles like water and diving into the thirsty mouths. And this is how the conversation finally went:
Saugata (best about this guy is, if he gets into anything he’ll dig it deep to the core, no matter whether it’s girls, maths, movies or writing stories (no derision bro)…but truly, I love this guys creative thinking and witty answers and sometimes when he’s dumb struck without clue on how to go about things.): "bhai, tujhe pata, kal CTK mein punjaban ko dekha, kya gazab lag rahi thi. Just imagine. Punjab mein toh ladkiyan mast hoti hongi. Just imagine".
Sujeet: "bhai (guys mostly call close friends as bhai here), maine kuch nahi kiya, mein toh vahan par tha bhi nahi".
** what place this guy is talking about, actually nobody knows of. One wonders if it’s the 2 peg whisky’s effect on him or is it because of his Bengali cum Bangladeshi network’s effect on him.
Suddenly vipin sir will jump in:
Vipin(his motto in life is "eat cricket, sleep cricket, drink only vodka, gin, tequila, wine, beer and desi tharra....sorry noplace for coca cola"): 3 times, "malooom, malooom, malooom…….. "(He gives a pause and by the time he’s about to say something, someone else takes the center of attraction).
** what vipin wanted to tell others nobody knew.
He sips his glass 3 times but without any alcohol actually touching even his lips and blows off the cigarette 3 times not knowing the fact that the stub is already blown out in the first go.
Anshul (our satyam idol finalist with good singing skills. Comes in singing a song from the movie race. I guess the singing had a lot of hard effect on him with the alcohol by his side): “oh jaaneja dono jahan meri baahon mein aa, aa janeja”.
And then once again silent prevails. Suddenly prabhjot has something to say.
Prabhjot (best thing about him is he’ll laugh on all the pjs that he himself crack. Ya you gussed it right, its pj time):
Here it goes…….

Boy prapoz to a gal....
Boy: i love u,, will u marry me??Gal: kya?
Boy: will u marry me?
Gal: sakkal dekhy hai apany? isasse achha hai ki suicide kar loon,par tujse saadi nahi karungy..
Boy: marr jayegy par kissy gareeb ke kaam nahi ayegy....

The house bursts out into laughter once again. But suddenly vipin sir, out of the blue moon:
Vipin: ab chod do, jaane do. Kya karoge jaankar.
People wandering is he saying this for praby’s joke or some other reaction is happening in his mind. Next was my turn to speak.
Me (speaking something which sounded greek not only for the listener but even to myself, like some heavenly constellations colliding to burst out something new and funny, but all in vain. Am a movie buff and rock listener): bhai saugata, have you seen the flick pulp fiction, bhai you’ll go crazy after watching it. Man, Travolta has done it once again.
Saugata: "sahi bata, nahi bhai dekha nahi. But will watch it now. Bhai tu great hai. Just imagine".
Muktesh: "chakko beere chakko glass"(enjoying the drink more then the gossiping).
Vipin: "ab chod do, jaane do. Kya karoge".
Vipin does it again. But this time, he lighted the matchstick 3 times to burn the cigarette…ON OFF ON OFF and finally ON, not knowing that it’s still in OFF mode.
Vivek (it’s difficult to stop this guy once he’s on after a drink or two): yaar, what you say, is this correct to celebrate the labor’s day. We will not take the leave that day and better go to office.
So he’s come up with an off beat topic. But sadly, no audience to speak or listen to it.
Anshul: “tadap tadap ke is dil se aah nikalti rahi……..
Sanket: "haan, yaar dekhlo mera toh veg khaane ke saath ho jayega. Sab theek hai na".
One must listen to this guy when he speaks on phone….too hilarious. No offense dude.
Sharma (A.K.A abhishek): "dekh lau, kya re, aur kaisa hai re. aur bata kya chal raha hai".
Vipin: "maloooom????? Ab jaaane do. Chod re".

And this how the entire night is spent without actually coming to a constructive conclusion to the n number of strings actually started with the S-day’s dusk falling inn.
I hope nobody will have any grudges for me after reading this post.
Take care guys and god bless you all.


No guys, this post is not about the movie “black” where the entire set was colored blue but is more about the color black, the enigma; the power it carries with it and also the hidden mysteries associated with it. Ever wondered why is black always linked to evilness?, why Batman or Undertaker dress-up in black to fight against black? (quite an irony), why it’s threads are spread out to the urban legends or the vicious vamps? Or why is it hailed as the unquestioned color of negativity and darkness????
Picture this, you are sleeping in your room at 2 mid-night when complete darkness prevails around you that makes oneself invisible. And suddenly, you hear the opening of the door of your room but you are not able to figure out the person standing there coz of darkness. You respond back in apprehension, “who’s it??” but no reply comes from the other end. Your all Robert Langdon kinda sleuthing efforts go in vain. You try to look for the nearby switch to light the room when suddenly a vague sharp reflection is carved on your face and you figure it out as the reflection of a street light beaming on to the sharp knife in the stranger’s hand at the doorstep. Now, adrenaline is looking for newer nerves as the rush flows inn and sweat trickles down your forehead to the neck and you look for covers. And the panic sets in. the only question that strikes your mind is, “Oh god, who’s this guy? Why he wants to kill me and why is it too dark in here????? Please send someone for help”. Don worry guys, just a thought but see the power of black. It can make you cry which can be more painful then a real sudden death.
All those who perform black magic or tantra vidya via witch board’s (calling the dead from their epitaph) are infected by the realms of black. Imagine how will the world look without the color black. There’ll be no night as the day will never come to an end. No stars or moon will be visible and we humans will never sleep.
Close your eyes for a spilt second and tell me the first color you perceive. Yes, you guessed it right, it’s black. This is the power it has. You cannot escape from it. It’s omnipresent. So, if it is universal, is it really the color of nefariousness??? Or is just the human conception to mislead the society with wrong interpretations of the balefulness of the negativity it permeates??? These are some of the questions that still demands some answers. Our shadow is never red or green or yellow but always black.
I sometimes, imagine, why so many aficionados of music compile songs or their band names on the theme of black? You name it, black Sabbath, iron maiden’s few compositions like fear of the dark, hallowed be thy name, etc, are all propagating negative vibes associated with darkness.
But, it’s black that gives rise to white too. White is no white without separating itself from black. Diamond is formed out of coal which is black. It is, I would say, one color that balances the nature and life and death. Picture a chess board without black boxes.
Black and white are inseparable. So, in the absence of black there is no white even. Take anything, black money/white money, chess board or B&W movies. Still a question haunts in my mind as to why people indulge themselves into acts of racial discrimination inspite of the fact that white exist only coz of existence of black.

Tuesday, April 15

Budget 2008

The ruling government’s decision to curb the problems of Indian farmers by giving a waiver of 60K crore is come of as a reprise for the farmers. Now majority of the rural people dependent on agriculture for their income will not have to think of repaying the loans taken and also, there’ll be no need to shelve out anything from their income to return to the loan collectors. So this has come as a huge sigh of relief to our Indian farmers. P Chidambaram has not even put the banks in any kind of dismay by issuing bonds to them in place of the loan waiver done for the farmers. So this 2008 budget has finally something in store for the rural population of the country, as well as for the banks. But it has not dismissed its urban crowd even. The tax slabs has been raised which will benefit men, women and adults the most, as they’ll be having more of savings, and more power to spend the saved salary in an effective manner. So, the government is in a way, all set to fight for the next year elections by gaining the vote bank of not only the poor farmers but of urban crowd as well. The excise duty on goods has been reduced. The bringing down of CENVAT from 16% to 14% has led to reduction in prices of goods which has more affordable for customers to buy. And to add to it, the sixth pay commission and 27% quota for OBC’s acted as an add-on to the budget for the Manmohan Singh’s government. No matter what, but the next year elections will not be an easy job for the rest of the parties as they’ll face a stiff competition from the congress coalition with the majority of the Indian population in their pinky-pocket. All the best to Manmohan Singh’s new cabinet government.

Counter View:
The waiver given to the farmers should have been given in earlier budget years not in the final one which clearly gives a vicarious picture about what’s up in the ruling party’s mind. It’s more of an economic game played by the government to secure their seat for the next year elections as majority of the crowd puller will be dominated by the rural society. The Fm has issued bonds for the banks in successive years, but what if next year the government changes and the new cabinet scrap away this policy of giving bonds. Who will redeem the money of the banks? No, not the government but the population of the country by indirect means. So it’s the common man who will suffer the heat of the loan waiver. Plus, majority of the farmers who took loans were not from banks but from money lenders. So, the government should have taken some constructive thoughts before giving the waiver. The motive to gain the political bank through the financial budget might prove fatal to the present Indian government. The tax cuts given, again is an alarming factor. People will not spend much and the revenue which was supposed to be collected from their expenditure for infrastructure development will not benefit India at all. The tax cuts were done to spur the growth but that is possible only when the incentives were high demand was low. This would have helped in spurring the growth. If the congress government is of the view that increased savings and liquidity enhancements will prompt the salaried generation to spend more in the market, then they are in a wrong belief because more will be the spending, more will be the demand and with shortage or resources and supply, there’ll be inflation as the price of commodities will rise because of increasing power of the generation to spend. This is already putting the government on the back runner. The price of goods have sky rocketed and there’s no stopping for it as the inflation as already cross the 7.41 mark on wholesale price index. How good the picture becomes if one adds the US recession to it. The increase in short term capital gains would have been better then mentioned. More affordable things will become for the Indian population, more will be the rise in inflation. The loan waiver already led to fall in banking stocks in the market. Awards should have been given to the farmers who paid their loans in time and from next time onwards, no loans should be given knowing the fact that farmers won’t be able to pay it later. Reward system should have been adopted. Let’s see, how the congress empire performs in the next elections.

Friday, April 11


It was always a dream to be in Mumbai once, the economic hub of the country, the land from where RBI or stock market operates and controls the economy of the entire nation. Delhi was no doubt the political hub but the feel of being in Mumbai - the place from where the vibes of film industry permeates in all parts of the world, was always in high spirits. It was for my tiss interview that I landed to such a beautiful place from Chennai. The pleasant weather added more to its beauty. It was Pune always before Mumbai where I found people so helpful and supportive. Although I didn’t have much of a chance to explore the place but the experience of being there was out of this world. I guess majority of the population in Mumbai is in 25-35 age line. The lively crowd all around, their helpful nature and openness in their mentality with zero parochial-ness just gave a tunned and enticing impression to an outsider to settle here in this part of country for the rest of their lives. the westernised culture sends flickers about the new booming India. women are free to move around without any place or time bounds. Santa Cruz, bandra, chembur, deonar; you name it; there’s no place where you won’t find this so energetic and vibrant crowd. The shops are overloaded with cool stuff and upon that people just happen to suffuse the markets. The entire scene looked like Delhi’s chandni chownk. How can I not mention about the food of Mumbai, no matter what you consume, you’ll always find the touch of sugar in everything they cook giving a sweet taste to the palate. People address all the rich Mumbai-tes as motabhai there. Last time, I heard this word was in the movie ‘guru’. I would love to come back to this place and that too not for a return trip but for a final settlement. I can only pray for this place to be my home in future and keep prospering in the same way as it’s happening presently. A great place and my stay there for 3 days will always be an unforgettable one.

When IIT Chennai Rocked...

Never ever I’d thought in my life that I’ll be able to make it to one of the most prestigious institutes of our country where all the techno freaks pileup and stay there for 4 years brainstorming new ideas. Yea, am talking about none other than Indian Institute of Technology, popularly known as IIT. It’s not that I got admission there coz very soon I realized after the exam crash the technical void within me to play on logics and prove concepts so I finally left it on to others to fiddle with technology and me enjoying the happy consequences of the advancement in it.
My employer deployed me in Chennai for 2 years where i got a chance to visit IIT and know about it. Making new friends and contacts was always an easy job for me. The campus was more of a vintage place from the past but gave a feel of a new world every time you step inside the premises. It’s been made out by shaving the jungle during the British raj and developed a learning institute in its place. My friend invited me to a farewell party thrown by first yr. guys for the final yr. Students. It was more of a rock night then a farewell with all J&S (juniors and seniors) playing electric guitars, drums, flute and piano. The flickering lights from the stage spilled the enigma of rock in air. The vibes were omnipresent in the hall. Once the party house rocked inn, the animals were out and took to head banging, going nerd and thrashing all that they could lay their hands-on. It would give an absurd feel to a peace over. There was screaming all round the hall which had almost put the lead vocals on the back runner. Professional band udaan was invited to play few numbers. The so-called management freaks played songs from audio-slave, the Coldplay, Dream Theater and many more. Everybody went numb in the dark night. They were playing as if they won’t stop tell the next dawn. After the bash, I had dinner with my friends there and they asked me to stop for the last number to be played, which was none other than the balatkaari song, which worked as the Chocó cream on the cake. With such a heavy music set in, the syndrome of being musically affected was all over. The fumes were rising from the head and the heart and each soul present was urging the professionals to play one more record to make it rest in peace forever. Well, I must say this was one farewell or call it a student in-house concert night which I’ll remember for a long time. This IIT jail’s farewell party really rocked that night.
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