Wednesday, December 26

End of the day

I woke up, one ember's dawn,
thy, I see me, myself all alone,
With nobody to hug and none to play,

I asked god, "is it the beginning or is "End of the day"".

I move out in persuit of love,
I witnessed humans stalk for, each else’s’ blood.
All execrate with no space for love to stay,

I ask every human, "is it the beginning or is "End of the day"".

I leap ahead, to seek water but perceive mortality due to thirst everywhere.
I cry, sup up my eyes water and further sway,

Just to ask myself, "is it the beginning or is "End of the day"".

I decide to come back for some shelter but the land is gone and now no place to stay,
I lie on the tortuous road and fold my hands and pray,

oh God, please don’t give birth to a new life, if this will be the "END OF THE DAY"!!!


  1. ...awesme..poem dude..!..waitin for more to come..:)

  2. thank you Seema, Eshan, Rahul .. for dropping by...

    thanks for liking the poem!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing your toughts about eend to procrastination.

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